Old Mill High Score Guide, Dexter Industries, Hitman Absolution, Remove Evidence (18600 Score)

This is a guide for the second part of the Dexter Industries mission which is called Old Mill. This guide explains how to complete Old Mill with the maximum score by showing you how to evade the guards and recover the evidence undetected on the hardest, purist, difficulty. After you have completed all the challenges for the Dexter Industries mission and complete Old Mill in the way this guide suggests you can expect 18,600 score from Old Mill.

Watch on YouTube: http://youtu.be/kVYe8f4aAyA

Recover the Evidence Unseen

At the start go up the stairs and garrote the guard leaning on the wall. Drop him and sabotage the electric box, then go back to the dead guard, take his outfit and hide the body in the cabinet nearby. Go partially back down the stairs and take cover on the wall. Wait for a guard to walk up to the electricity box. Sneak up on the guard and garrote him. Hide the body in the same cabinet as you hid the guard in before. Go out of the elevated area across the catwalk and down the stairs. Sneak past the guard standing to the right and up to the guard crouched near the television. Garrote him and hide the body in one of the crates nearby:

Sneak up to the television and pick up the evidence and the gasoline can standing on the ground near the television.

Evade the Guards

Turn around and go behind the half wall ahead. Throw the gasoline can between the cabinet and wooden crate and wait for the guard to show up:


Scale the cover and sneak up on him. Garrote the guard and hide the body in the crate nearby. Pick up the gasoline can again and go behind the television where the guard was crouched earlier. Throw the gasoline can over the television at the railing ahead:


Wait for the guard to show up and start to leave again. Sneak up on the guard and garrote him. Drag his body behind the television and leave him there for now. Go back to where you just took out the guard and take cover on the logs. Wait for the guard that walked down the stairs to be facing the boiler. Sneak up on him and garrote him. Drag the body all the way back to near the television and hide it in one of the crates nearby. Also hide the other guard’s body in a crate. Then go back to the other side of the old mill and go up the stairs. Follow the walkway around until you get to the exit. Once you have gone through the exit it is the end of the Old Mill.

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