R870 MCS Shotgun Best Class Setup, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide (Best Game Strategies)

The R870 MCS if the first shotgun you unlock in Black Ops 2 as soon as you unlock create-a-class. It is a pump action shotgun which thus has a slow fire rate but a much greater range than some of the other shotguns. When you aim down the sights of the R870 MCS the pallet spread becomes tighter making it easier to take out enemies at longer range. That said, the R870 MCS is still a close range weapon only offering weak and unreliable performance at medium range.

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R870 MCS Best Strategy

When using the R870 MCS it is important that you manoeuvre the map so that you have the best chance of winning every encounter. Avoid long sightlines and areas that have good vantage positions overlooking them. Unless you are face to face with an enemy it is always worth aiming down the sights of the R870 MCS to take advantage of the tighter pallet spread. This will allow you to kill enemies more reliably at greater range. With the R870 MCS it is vital that you hit the enemies. Thus it is always worth taking a little extra time making sure that your aim is on target rather than starting to shoot as soon as possible. If you do miss a shot stop aiming down the sights and strafe whilst you uncock the weapon for the next shot to try and avoid enemy fire.

R870 MCS Best Perks

The perks I found most useful with the R870 MCS were Ghost, Flack Jacket, Toughness, Dexterity and Tactical Mask. Ghost makes sure that enemies can’t get ready for you should they have a UAV up. Flack Jacket lets you survive explosive equipment which you often run into when you have to get close to enemies. Toughness reduces the flinch from being shot, which is key to using most weapons. Dexterity brings up the R870 MCS faster after springing which lets you be aggressive without worrying about being caught off guard. Tactical Mask is also important to close range weapons since often when you get close to someone they have traps set up for you.

R870 MCS Attachments

Fast mag reduces the reload time as it lets you reload two slugs at the same time. But you rarely need to reload and if you do the time you save with fast mag isn’t worth it. The laser sight reduces the hip fire spread of the R870 MCS. However, it isn’t that useful since you should only fire from the hip if you are face to face with an enemy where laser sight will do little to help you win. In all other engagements it is better to aim down the sights of the R870 MCS in which case the laser sight doesn’t help at all.

The stock increases your movement speed whilst aiming. This is only useful in the fraction of a second in which you aim down the sights of the R870 MCS to get a kill, so it isn’t worth using. The suppressor keeps you off the radar and reduces muzzle flash. This can be useful for stealth builds which can be effective. But the reduction in range is significant enough that it will become difficult to kill enemies in a lot more situations.

Extended clip increases the maximum number of bullets per magazine. I rarely found that I ran out of ammunition in an engagement. When you get below 4 remaining bullets it will be time to reload, but you should never have to use more than two or three bullets per engagement. The R870 MCS has two available optical attachments. Neither is particularly useful as it is easy enough to use the iron sights of the R870 MCS for the brief moments that you aim down the sights. The MMS can scan for heat signatures of enemies, but that is rarely useful if you are on the move.

R870 MCS Best Class Setup

R870 MCS Best Class Setup Call of Duty Black Ops 2

R870 MCS Best Class Setup Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Long barrel increases the range of the R870 MCS. This lets you be much more competitive at medium range. With it you can reliably take out enemies at the closer part of medium range, especially if you aim down the sights. Quickdraw lets you aim down the sights of the R870 MCS faster. This lets you react quicker to enemies giving you a better chance to kill them.

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    I perfer the ksg

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    wats the point of quickdraw handle wen ure gonna be hipfirin most of the time, id use laser sight, long barrel.

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    try using laser, because the rimmington has a great hip fire range with it on.

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