Dead End High Score Guide, Dexter Industries, Hitman Absolution, Remove Evidence (49600 Score)

This is a guide for the first part of the Dexter Industries mission which is called Dead End. This guide explains how to complete Dead End with the maximum score by showing you how to disable the security and recover the evidence undetected on the hardest, purist, difficulty. After you have completed all the challenges for the Dexter Industries mission and complete Dead End in the way this guide suggests you can expect 49,600 score from Dead End.

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Disable Primary Security System Unseen

At the start make your way up to the security station and take cover on the wall underneath the window. Wait for the guard leaning on the wall ahead to have turned and left:


Then climb through the window and disable the primary security system.

Disable Backup Security System Unseen

Go to the other window and wait for the guard to have walked out of sight behind the car. Climb through the window and sneak towards the u shaped bit of half wall and take cover on the middle part of it:


Wait for the guard standing close to the barrier to have walked forwards, then turned and started to walk away again.

Follow the guard walking towards the logs not too closely. Take cover on the logs once you get to them and wait for the guard to have turned and walked past you. Then get out of cover and take cover on the car ahead. Wait for the guard looking out of the other security station that is looking out towards you to have turned to the left:


Sneak past the car on the right side and take cover on the barrels ahead. Wait for the guard entering the second security station to have left again, and the guard inside the security station to have gone out of it. Make your way up to the window of the second security station and climb through. Disable the backup security system and pick up the wrench from the table.

Recover the Evidence Unseen

Climb through the other window out of the security station and take cover near the right edge of the bit of fence and wait for a guard to have walked past and into the second security station. Throw the wrench to the left of the guard standing in front of the second security station:


Sneak across the street and up the stairs ahead. Enter the building and follow the corridor. Sneak up on the guard standing in front of the television and garrote him. Hide the body in the wooden crate in the room. Then walk up to the television and pick up the evidence.

Locate Mill Entrance Unseen

Go back down the corridor but keep going straight ahead rather than exiting the building. The exit door is just ahead. Pick the lock and once you have gone through the door it is the end of Dead End.

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