WLOG 16th of January 2013

Usually I have a lot of clips left over after I have completed the weapon guide for a specific weapon. This time the same is true, but you haven’t seen the weapon guide for the MP7 yet, and the fact that I have produced it might surprise you. This post is there for an announcement that I feel I need to make before continuing with the weapon guides as some people might feel as if I am doing something wrong.

Watch on YouTube: http://youtu.be/U9CG7-J1k0k

But before I start I want to wish you all a happy near year and all the best for 2013. I also want to thank you for supporting this channel throughout 2012 and hopefully can continue to do so in 2013. I realize that we are well into 2013, but I haven’t had a chance to say this yet.

The KAP-40 actually marked the point where I had uploaded a weapon guide for almost all the weapons that can be considered a primary weapon. There is one assault rifle still missing. But the announcement is about that I will do weapon guides for all the weapons I did in the release month of Black Ops 2. Since then there have been a number of changes that warrant producing another guide for a lot of the weapons. Firstly there have been a number of patches that balance the weapons which certainly has an impact on what the best way of using a weapon is. Also since then I have put about an extra 100 hours into Black Ops 2 giving me a total of around 150 hours of game time. This means that I have learned a lot about the game and am much better at it now. This means I have a deeper understanding of the game and can produce guides for the weapons that are much more in depth and better all around. The guides I released in November where there for people who had just started the game to get an impression of the weapon and give them a better idea of what works with them. The forthcoming guides are going to be much more polished and thought through than those I produced a few months ago. Also I would not like to see the Call of Duty posts disappear from the website until this November as there is still an audience for them.

The last thing I wanted to mention is about when I asked for how you liked to use the KAP-40 on the guide and will do so again for the next few posts. I would like to try out a new schedule for the Black Ops 2 posts. I will publish one on Saturday and Sunday. Then on the Wednesday of every week I will produce a post where I use the class setups you suggest and giving feedback about those. If those posts have an audience I will continue to produce them, otherwise I already have a few other ideas about what i can do with that slot.

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