Gun Shop High Score Guide, Birdie’s Gift, Hitman Absolution, Remove Evidence (36,300 Score)

This is a guide to the only part of the Birdie’s Gift mission which is called Gun Shop. It explains how to complete Gun Shop with the maximum score by showing you how to get the silverballers, leave the gun shop and remove the evidence without being spotted on the hardest, purist, difficulty. After you have completed all the challenges for the Birdie’s Gift mission and completed Gun Shop in the way this guide suggests you can expect 36,300 score from Gun Shop.

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Remove Evidence without being Spotted

At the start go to the back right corner of the Gun Shop compared to where you are standing. There is a fuse box there. Wait for a customer to have walked past you and out of sight behind a wall:

Image1Then sabotage the fuse box. Go back to the front counter and pick up the key card behind it. Then go through the swinging door into the back part of the shop and go out through a door on the right wall ahead. Follow the trench until you get to a bunker. Open the bunker with the key card and enter it. The evidence is on the shelves ahead.

Get the Silverballers without being Spotted

Next to the computer on the right wall is a notebook you will need to pick up for a later part. Go back out of the bunker and follow the trench back, but don’t go through the door again. Instead take cover on the wall separating the gun shop from the shooting range and follow the wall all the way to the left. Wait for the supervisor to have gone to talk to the guy with the shotgun (which happens after he shoots the garden dwarf out of frustration):

Image3Then change cover and climb through the window ahead. Open the safe in the room and retrieve the key. Go through the air ventilation shaft behind you back into the main Gun Shop area and go to the silverballers case. Retrieve the silverballers and leave the Gun Shop.

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