B23R Pistol Best Class Setup, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide (Best Game Strategies)

The B23R is the third pistol you unlock in Black Ops 2 at level 19. It is a burst fire weapon which shots three bullets per burst. You can kill with one accurate burst at close range and with two accurate bursts at any range. However, the recoil and available sights make it difficult to compete with assault and sniper rifles at long range. The B23R is best used up close, similar to a shotgun.

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B23R Best Strategy

When using the B23R rather than starting to fire as soon as possible take a little time to make sure your aim is on target. One burst that hits an enemy up close is lethal, but if you miss you will likely not survive. That said, the pistols have high movement speeds, even when aiming, so be sure to strafe and you will win many engagements you would have lost otherwise.

B23R Attachments

The reflex sight lets you take on enemies more easily at medium range as the view on target is slightly clearer, but after you have started shooting the reflex sight is no better than the iron sights due to the visual recoil. You should focus on close range engagements anyway, and in those the iron sights are good enough.

On sub machine guns the laser sight is good because you can start firing from the hip after running much sooner than you can aim down the sights, and the laser sight reduces the hip fire spread and thus makes that tactic even better. However, the time it takes to aim down the sights of the B23R is so low that there is no reason to hip fire, and thus the laser sight only encourages doing the wrong thing. FMJ doesn’t make a notable difference to the B23R.

Fast mag reduces the time it takes to reload the B23R. This doesn’t really offer any advantages since if you have to reload in the middle of a gunfight you are most likely dead regardless whether or not you are using fast mag. Outside of combat the normal reload time is fast enough so you don’t need fast mag there either. The suppressor is good if you flank and then want to take out enemies one by one. With the B23R you can take out enemies fast enough that it doesn’t matter if the people around that enemy notice you. If they do turn around you can shoot them straight away rather than having to chase after them.

The knife attachment is best used in case you run into enemies head on as it is much more reliable to quickly knife them then it is to try and hip fire or quickly aim down the sights. It is also useful when you run out of ammunition in the middle of a fight, as you can simply run up to the enemy and knife them. The knife attachment is a powerful addition to the B23R, but it encourages you to use the B23R less and use the knife more. The Dual Wield attachment transforms the B23R into something like a very close range shotgun. It is fun to use, but not reliable and there are better attachments for the B23R.

B23R Best Class Setup

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Using extended clip has two key advantages. First it increases the bullets per magazine of the B23R much more than on the other pistols granting an extra two bursts per magazine. Secondly it grants more starting ammunition which I found to be a problem with the B23R as on the longer streaks I kept running out of ammunition and was left with the combat knife. The long barrel attachment increases the range of the B23R. It will extend the one burst range of the B23R and will let you be even more competitive at medium range where strafing is still effective.

Lightweight increases your movement speed and thus gets you within the effective range of enemies faster and increases how effective strafing is. Dexterity brings up the B23R faster after running, which lets you be more aggressive without having to worry about being caught sprinting. When you are close to the fight you often run into shock charges or are hit by concussion or flashbang grenades. Tactical mask all but negates the effect they have on you.

It is often handy to throw a concussion grenade on an objective to make sure enemies can’t turn on you or stop an enemy entrenched behind cover reacting to your flanking maneuver.

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