Hitman Absolution Challenge Guide: Completing All the Challenges in Rosewood and High Score Run (311850)

This is a guide to completing all the challenges in the Rosewood mission. After you have completed all the challenges and did a high score run on the purist difficulty for each part of the Rosewood mission you can expect 311,850 score from the Rosewood mission.

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Completing the Chameleon Challenge

The chameleon challenge requires you to find and pick up all the disguises in the Rosewood mission.

For the henchman outfit you can just take out the two guards at the start of the Orphanage Halls that are talking near the elevator and take one of the outfits. For the Rosewood security guard just take one of the outfits from dead dead security officers around the place. The easiest is in the entrance area. Distract the guard looking into the room by throwing something near the pram:

Image1Then go behind the counter and take the outfit of the dead security guard.

Completing the Suit Only Challenge

The suit only challenge requires you to get through each part of the Rosewood mission without using disguises.

In the Orphanage Halls go around the place and shoot each group of guards. In the top floor you can take out the two guards near the elevator with the pistol without alerting the rest of the guards. You can also just shoot the two guards in the room with the security officer. A few guards will be alerted, but you can easily shoot them as they come to investigate. In the downstairs area sneak around guards as much as possible, but eventually you might be spotted and then you will have to shoot your way out, which isn’t too difficult to do.

In the Central Heating area you can pick up the automatic weapon on the bed. There are so few guards that you can just shoot them. To kill Wade you can either go through the air ventilation shaft or just walk up to him and shoot him.

Completing the Good Samaritan Challenge

The good samaritan  challenge requires you to save the security guard from the henchman.

Load into the Orphanage Halls on the normal difficulty and shoot the two guards near the elevator. Then go to the room down the corridor and enter point shoot mode and mark the two henchman:

Image3Start the execution and you will save the security guard. Note that you have to do this near the start of the mission, the henchman will eventually shoot the security guard.

Completing the Playing with Balls Challenge

The playing with balls challenge requires you to hide 5 henchman in the pool of balls on the lower floor.

Sneak down into the room with the pool of balls in it without being detected. To do that don’t shoot the two guards near the elevator, just sneak past them into a room to the right of the corridor. Go down the stairs at the other side of the room and turn right at the bottom of the room. Go through the door ahead, then turn right and go through the double doors. Enter the air ventilation shaft and go into the kitchen. Go to the other side of the kitchen and across the hallway into the room ahead which has the pool of balls in it. Once you are there wait for two guards to show up, then shoot both of them. Hide both the bodies in the pool of balls:

Image4You shooting the two guards will alert other enemies. This is good as they come to investigate and you just have to shoot them and hide the bodies in the pool. Whilst you are in the animation of hiding bodies enemies can’t hit you.

Completing the Subtle Injection – Part 1, 2 and 3 Challenges

The subtle injection series of challenges require you to kill up to five enemies by throwing a syringe at them without being spotted.

Part 1 requires you to kill three enemies, part 2 four and part 3 five. This guide will just describe how to do the third part. For the first two parts just follow the guide for the third part for the required number of enemies, then reload from checkpoint.

Go to the bottom of the stairs near where you entered the air ventilation shaft for the playing with balls challenge undetected (check that part of the guide to see how). Activate the checkpoint and immediately reload from checkpoint which resets the enemy positions. Go up to the first platform, hen wait for the enemy at the stairs to be leaning on the railing with his back to the stairs. Then go up the stairs and into the medical room. There is a syringe on one of the tables in that room. Wait for a henchman to have started to walk down the stairs you just came up, then follow him. Throw a syringe at him once he is at the bottom of the stairs:

Image5Go up to the body and retrieve the syringe. If you can’t, start dragging the body and you should be able to. Don’t bother hiding the body. Go back up the stairs and throw the syringe at the henchman leaning on the railing:

Image6Then throw the syringe near the turned over bed in the corridor. Quickly get it back and go to the other side of the stairs and take cover on the turned over bed on that side so the henchman that comes to investigate can’t see you. Once he is in sight throw the syringe at him:

Image7Next go into the medical room and throw the syringe at the wall near the wheelchair. Take cover on the middle shelves so you can’t be seen by the guard that comes to investigate. Once he has walked past you throw the syringe at him. For the last henchman just go into the room with the security guard in it and throw it at the henchman bothering the security guard:


Completing the Evidence Collector, Infiltrator, Out of Fuse, Face Off and The Mercenary Challenge

The evidence collector challenge requires you to recover the evidence in the Orphanage Halls and Central Heating. The infiltrator challenge requires you not to be spotted in each part of the Rosewood mission. The out of fuse challenge requires you to collect all the fuses without being detected. The face off challenge requires you to kill wade without being detected. The mercenary challenge requires you to complete the Rosewood mission.

All of these challenges are completed when you do the high score run on the purist difficulty the way the following guides suggest:

Orphanage Halls: http://wp.me/p1SfP0-1fF
Central Heating: http://wp.me/p1SfP0-1g4

Rosewood High Score Run

Once you have completed all the challenges and the high score run you can expect 311,850 score from the Rosewood mission. That is 81,900 score from the Orphanage Halls and 229,950 from the Central Heating.

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