Hitman Absolution Score Maximizing Purist Mission Guide: Rosewood, Central Heating, Remove Evidence, Undetected, Kill Wade with Signature Kill (229950)

This is a guide for the second part of the Rosewood mission which is called Central Heating. It explains how to get through the Central Heating area with the maximum amount of score by showing you ho to recover the evidence and get a signature kill on Wade whilst staying undetected on the hardest, purist, difficulty. After you have completed all the challenges for the Rosewood mission and completed the Central Heating in the way this guide suggest you will get 229,950 score from the Central Heating.

Watch on YouTube: http://youtu.be/FCUYUsYQISA

Recover the Evidence Undetected

At the start stay in cover and follow the bed to the left corner. Go around it and pick up the bottle from the ground. Then keep following the bed until you can change cover. Once you are behind the wheelchair go to the right just slightly so you will be able to throw the bottle out of cover. Wait for the two guards to finish their conversation, and one to have walked past you. Throw the bottle at the opposite wall next to the elevator doors:

Image1Then get out of cover and go to the door past the left side of the pillar the wheelchair is standing next to. Keep following the corridor until you can see a guard standing next to a pallet with sacks on it. Take cover on the pallet and pick up the knife. Wait for the guard to start to leave, then follow him until you get to the end of the wall in the middle of the corridor. Wait there until the guard you were following has walked a little further, then throw the knife at the cabinet on the other side of the corridor:

Image2Wait for the guard that goes to investigate to be standing next to the cabinet, then sneak across the corridor and pick up the evidence off the top of the stacked stones.

Eliminate Wade with a Signature Kill

Go back to where you stopped following the guard and keep going some distance down the corridor until you can turn around and jump to a ledge. Go up to the catwalk and follow. After you have just gone over the bridge take cover on the solid part of the railing and wait for the guard on the catwalk ahead to have turned back to the middle of the room. Go past him and drop down at the end of the catwalk. Take cover on the pipes and check that the guard around the corner has his back towards you:

Image3Then go to the doorway out of the room. Keep following the corridor until you get into the Central Heating room. In it go into the area with the boilers and turn the valve to stop the steam blocking the entrance to the air ventilation shaft. Go in it and all the way through it. On the other side keep going ahead until you walk past another wheel:

Image4Turn it and you will get a signature kill on Wade. This is the only way to get a signature kill on Wade. It isn’t possible to get a silent kill on him or hide his body. Once Wade is done you will have completed the Central Heating area and will be done with the Rosewood mission.





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