Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide: Tac-45 Pistol (Best Class Setup and Best Game Strategies)

The Tac-45 is the second pistol you unlock in Black Ops 2 as soon as you unlock create-a-class. Similar to the Five-seven it is a semi-automatic weapon but with a much greater 2 shot kill range. It is suited for front line engagements at anything up to medium range. However, it is best to seek out one target at a time since the magazine capacity of the Tac-45 is small.

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Tac-45 Best Strategy

When using the Tac-45 it is best to be in the middle of the fight, but actively use cover so that you don’t engage more than one enemy at a time. Since the Tac-45 has a small magazine every shot counts, and missing enemies more than a few times will often empty the Tac-45 without getting a kill. Be sure to reload after every engagement. But whilst reloading don’t charge ahead towards the next fight, instead use cover to duck behind until you have reloaded, then keep going.

Tac-45 Attachments

With the Reflex sight the Tac-45 has strong sideways recoil which makes it hard to hit your target after the first shot. Adjust your aim slightly to the left of the enemy or wait for the visual recoil to settle. However, even after adjusting my aim, I didn’t notice that the reflex sight has any advantage over the iron sights, quite the opposite in fact. The laser sight attachment reduces the hip fire spread which doesn’t benefit the Tac-45 as there is very little advantage to firing from the hip versus aiming down the sight since the ADS time is very low. But if you ever feel too lazy to aim the laser sight is there to help you out.

As usual I didn’t notice any difference in the handling of the Tac-45 whilst using the FMJ attachment. The fast mag attachment reduces the time it takes to reload the Tac-45, but not significantly enough to negate reloading as a problem. It is unlikely that the faster reload time will help you survive an engagement in which you run out of ammunition, and outside of combat the normal reload time is fast enough.

If you are in the middle of the fight the suppressor doesn’t do you much good since it is easy enough to see you anyway and thus staying off the radar and reduced muzzle flash isn’t going to do you much good. Since being aggressive and letting enemies know where you are so they come to you is central to using the Tac-45 the suppressor is out of place on the Tac-45. The knife attachment is good in case you run out of bullets in a close quarter engagement, and can kill even faster than the Tac-45 should you stumble upon an enemy face to face. For the first there is a better attachment that fixes that problem. The second is a valid argument, but it doesn’t happen often enough to warrant using the knife attachment.

The dual wield attachment doesn’t take advantage of the Tac-45’s good range since the hip fire spread is to high to reliably win anything but close range engagements.

Tac-45 Best Class Setup

class setup

Extended clip significantly increases the bullets available per magazine. This fixes the central problem with the Tac-45 as missing carries a lower penalty and you don’t have to reload after each engagement, but I certainly recommend you do as often as you can. Long barrel increases the range of the tac-45, and thus the already powerful 2 hit kill range becomes even better. This means that you are more effective at medium range and can compete with assault rifles at that range.

If you are in the middle of the fight there are going to be a lot of explosions any of which can kill you. Using flack jacket reduces the damage explosives do and prevent you from dying to any explosive equipment or weapon unless they hit you directly. Using toughness goes without saying. I found that I frequently ran out of ammunition with the Tac-45, even on lower killstreaks. Scavenger will replenish your ammunition and will let you keep using the Tac-45 rather than having to pick up other weapons from the ground. Tactical mask stops tactical equipment designed to keep you from fighting back which is important for an aggressive class.

When an enemy is running away from you often it is hard to catch up. In that case throw a concussion grenade at them and you will be able to walk up and kill the enemy, unless he is also wearing tactical mask.

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