Hitman Absolution Score Maximizing Purist Mission Guide: Rosewood, Orphanage Halls, Remove Evidence, Undetected (81900)

This is a guide for the second part of the Rosewood mission which is called Orphanage Halls. It explains how to get through the Orphanage Halls with the maximum amount of score by explaining how to recover all the fuses and how to remove the evidence on the hardest, purist, difficulty whilst remaining undetected. After you have completed all the challenges for the Rosewood mission and completed the Orphanage Halls in the way this guide suggest you can expect 81,900 score from this mission.

Watch on YouTube (may be clearer): http://youtu.be/vK-vatNwA6A

Recover the First Fuse Undetected

At the start jump out of the hole in the top of the elevator. Once you are on top of it jump up to the ledge to the corridor, but don’t pull yourself up until both the guards have turned to walk away. Once the guard that lingers a little has started talking on his cell phone sneak up on him and garrote him. Take his outfit and hide the body in the clothing basket nearby. Then go through the door on the right side of the corridor (not the one the other guard went through) and go down the stairs. On the first platform you get to wait a little until the guard at the bottom of the stairs has moved on. You must be able to see him for that to happen. Then follow the guard through the door, but turn right once you are outside:

Image1Go through the glass door with the plants on either side. Ahead is an entrance to an air ventilation shaft. Go through the shaft and out the other side. Go to the opposite end of the kitchen and then through the second gap in the counter and across the corridor into the room on the left side of the corridor. On the desk ahead is the first fuse.

Recover the Second Fuse Undetected

Go back and through the air ventilation shaft the same way you got to the first fuse. Once you are outside of it go left and follow the stairs up. At the top of the stairs turn right and right again a little distance afterwards. There is a medical room ahead. Go into it. Just to the left of the entrance the second fuse is sitting on a table.

Recover the Evidence Undetected

Go forwards and take cover on the shelves in the middle of the room. Go all the way to the left end of the shelves and wait until the guards in the corridor outside of the medical room have walked past (there are four in total, although some might have already gone past, a guard with a green mask is the last to go past):


Then go out into the corridor and follow it until you get back to the starting area. Go through the same door as earlier. Before you go down the stairs pick up the book that is on the half wall to the right of the top of the stairs. In the room below throw the book at the cabinet on the opposite wall:

Image3Then walk up to the book and pick it up again. To the left is a door. Take cover on the wall to the right of the door and wait for a guard to walk past. As soon as he has select the fiber wire and garrote him. Hide the body in the cabinet you threw the book next to. Repeat the same thing twice more. Be sure to pick up the book again once you are done. You can hide the last body upstairs in the same clothing basket you hid the guard you took out at the start of the mission. Now you can go out of the door you just took cover next to into the entrance area. There are only two guards left in the room, both of which are looking at walls. The evidence is on the counter.

Recover the Third Fuse Undetected

The third fuse is also on the counter, on the back left corner if you stand in front of the counter.

Recover the Fourth Fuse Undetected

In the entrance room are some glass doors. Go up to them and take cover on the wall to the right of the door. Open them and wait for a guard in that room to be standing near the door looking off to the left. Sneak up from behind the guard and garrote him. Leave his body in the ground for now and go to the second room of lockers. Wait for a guard to have walked up to the first aid kit, then sneak up on that guard too and garrote him. You can hide both the bodies in a cabinet that is also in the locker room. Throw the book at the floor underneath the first aid kit:

Image5Once a guard shows up sneak up on him and garrote him. You could hide the body in the clothing shoot that is in the room, but you won’t get score for hiding a body. Instead drag him out of sight into the walkway between the lockers and leave him on the ground for now. Go into the next room and take cover on the right section of half wall in it. Wait for a guard with a gas mask to have walked towards the middle of the room, then turned around again. Go to the other section of half wall in the room. Wait for the guy in the blue suit to have stopped using his cell phone and almost walk through the door to the other medical room nearby. Then turn around and use the other door to get into the medical room. The fuse is on a bench near the guard in the brown suit:


Escape the Orphanage Halls Undetected

Go back to the room you left the dead guard in earlier. Drag him all the way back to the second floor which has another clothing basket on it you can use to hide the body. Go back down to the entrance area. That area has another doorway that leads to the maintenance area of the elevator. Go into it and place the fuses. Once you have turned the lever to activate the elevator it is the end of the Orphanage Halls.




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    Real top score is much higher and much more difficult to get.
    You have to remain undetected while sedating all the ennemies, hide the maximum amount of bodies and you can even manage to make some backup arrive and then sedate them also !

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