Hitman Absolution Score Maximizing Purist Mission Guide: Hunter and Hunted, Convenience Store, Remove Evidence, Undetected (20700)

This is a guide for the fifth part of the Hunter and Hunted mission which is called Convenience Store. It explains how to get through the Convenience Store with the maximum score by showing you how to recover the evidence and stay undetected on the hardest, purist, difficulty. After completing all the challenges for the Hunter and Hunted mission and completing the Convenience Store in the way this guide suggests you can expect 20,700 score from the Convenience Store.

Watch on YouTube: http://youtu.be/jot1V10nxwc

At the start make your way along the rooftop until you get to the third air conditioning unit. Take cover on it so that you can’t be seen from the rooftop with the police officer on it. When that police officer is walking away from you go to the edge of the rooftop ahead and drop down. Before you go across the window wait for the police officer inside to have turned his back. Go across the window and over the plank between the two buildings. That police officer on the rooftop from earlier will now do one of two things. Either he keeps patrolling on the rooftop or he goes into the building with the cook in it. If he keeps patrolling the rooftop go ahead straight away across the ledge to the open window. Otherwise wait for the police officer to have gone into the building, then go across the ledge to the open window. Inside follow the corridor and go onto the roof that has/had the police officer on it. There is a trap door on the roof. Take the ladder down into the butcher’s room. There is a cook disguise on the table next to the fridge:

Image1After you have taken it go through the storage area and out of the door not leading into the kitchen. A police officer is patrolling the corridor. Straight ahead is another doorway to another room. Go into it and turn the wheel on the pipe to close the valve:

Image2Then go back into the storage room and light the fireworks. Go back into the room with the wheel in it and wait for the cook behind the counter you can see through the window to have left. Then walk into the store area and go to the second counter near the public entrance to the store at the right corner of the store when looking towards the public entrance from inside the store. The evidence is near the television on the counter:

Image3Then go to the front left corner of the room and onto the other side of the pallets next to the public entrance. Throw a bottle at the garage outside of the convenience store:

Image4Then make your way all the way around the outside area sticking close to the left wall. The exit is on the far side of the alley. Once you have gone through it, it is the end of the part of the Hunter and Hunted mission called Convenience Store.

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