Hitman Absolution Score Maximizing Purist Mission Guide: Hunter and Hunted, Courtyard, Remove Evidence, Undetected (20700)

This is a guide for the first part of the Hunter and Hunted Mission which is called Courtyard. It explains how to get through the Courtyard with the maximum amount of score by explaining how to stay undetected and remove the evidence on the hardest, purist, difficulty. After you have completed all the challenges for the Hunter and Hunted mission and follow this guide you can expect 20,700 score from the Courtyard area.

Watch on YouTube: http://youtu.be/DhulopFZ8OI

Remove Evidence

At the start go down the tunnel until you get to a tunnel in which police officers are. Take cover on the edge of the wall and change cover immediately and keep going in the same direction. Turn left and go down some stairs after you have gone through a doorway. You will be in a room with a lot of missing posters and candles in it. A police officer will also be in it. Take him out:

Image1And take his clothing. You can hide the body in the dumpster. Go back to the bottom of the stairs and wait for the police officer ahead to have turned his back. Then follow him and go past him on the right side of the pillar. At the end of that tunnel is a air ventilation shaft. Go in it and all the way through it. Take cover on the right side of the door in the room you get into after getting out of the air ventilation shaft and wait for a police officer to walk past:

Image2Then get out of the room and go up the stairs to the left. Take cover on the wall at the right side of the top of the stairs and go left until you can change cover. Do so immediately. Go to the front of the police car, but be sure to stay in cover. Wait for the police officer that walks up to the police car to have started to walk away:

Image3Then sneak towards the middle police car. On the bonnet of it is the evidence.

Get to the Vixen Club

Go to the back of the left police car and then on to the half wall ahead. Take cover on it and wait for both police officers to have either gone out of sight or turned their back:

Image4Then scale the cover and walk up to the police officer ahead. Sneak past him and drop down the ledge to the right. Go up to the exit door and pick the lock. Once you have gone through the door it is the end of the Courtyard part of the Hunter and Hunted mission.

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