Hitman Absolution Challenge Guide: Completing All the Challenges in Run For Your Life and High Score Run (105600)

This is a guide to completing all the challenges in the Run For Your Life mission in Hitman: Absolution. After you have completed all the challenges and did a purist playthrough of all the parts in this mission during which you pick up all the pieces of evidence you can expect 105,600 score from this mission.

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Until the purist playthrough to get the high score I strongly suggest you play on the normal difficulty which is the lowest difficulty you can complete challenges on.

Completing the Chameleon Challenge

The Chameleon challenge requires you to find and take up all the disguises in this mission.

There are only two disguises in this mission. The police officer uniform and the S.W.A.T. team uniform. Both are easiest to get in the Train Station part of the mission. At the start pick up the scissors in the elevator area. Then go out through the wooden door and take cover on the bench ahead and wait for a police officer to walk up to you:

Image1Take him out and take his uniform. If you want you can hide his body in the crate nearby. Next go into the lower area of the same room and take cover behind the bench in it. Throw the scissors into the opposite left corner of the room after the S.W.A.T. team has gone out of sight:

Image2One of the S.W.A.T. team guys will go to investigate. Sneak up on him and take him out, then take his uniform.

Completing the Suit Only Challenge

The suit only challenge requires you to complete each part of this mission in the suit.

The best way to do it is to follow all the guides I have done for each part of the mission in the suit and on the normal difficulty. Some of the enemies I describe how to avoid may not be present, so just ignore that part of the guide and move on.

Burning Hotel:
Pigeon Coop:
Train Station:

Completing the Picking on the New Guy Challenge

The Picking on the New Guy challenge requires you to take one of the police officers in the Library part as a hostage.

The police officer you have to take hostage is the police officer that is responsible for the lights. As far as I can tell his name is Masana, at least that is what it sounds like when one of the police officers talks to him. Let yourself be detected by the police officer near the light switch in the first section of the library and fake surrender:

Image4Let him walk up to you and you will automatically take him as a hostage.

Completing the Death from Above Challenge

The Death from Above challenge requires you to drop a light on one of the police officers in the library area.

Go down the left side of the library until you are in the part with the statue in the middle. On one of the pillars is a winch. Take cover near it and wait for a police officer to walk underneath the light hanging from the roof near the top of the pillar:

Image5And use the winch.

Completing the Fields of Joy Challenge

The Fields of Joy challenge requires you to get through the drug field in the Shangri-La area without being spotted.

The easiest way to complete this challenge is to get a police officer uniform and hold the instinct button whilst you walk through the drug fields. You could also do it by going down the left side of the field towards the right side of the wall the police officer with the people is standing next to, cross the middle path there and go towards the right near the opposite wall:


Completing the Bong Hits Challenge

The Bong Hits challenge requires you to kill 4 enemies by smashing a bong over their head.

Get through the drug fields. On the other side is a checkpoint. Activate it and pick up the Bong on the table next to the checkpoint. Go out into the drug fields and kill a police officer, then reload from checkpoint and repeat three more times.

Completing the Business is Booming Challenge

The Business is Booming challenge requires you to lure a number of police officers to a open safe full of money in the Shangri-La part.

When you get close to the safe a police officer will be near it. Whilst you wait for him to leave pick up the combination near the air ventilation shaft in the room next to the room with the safe in it. Open the safe. Then pick up the radio near the stacks of buckets in the middle of the room and throw it near the safe:

Image8A police officer will show up and eventually call over a few more police officers. Once they are close you will have completed the challenge.

Completing the Silence Please Challenge

The Silence Please challenge requires you to take out and hide 7 police officers in the Library.

This is the only challenge I suggest you play on the expert difficulty on. Load into the Library and go to the right side of the top platform and wait for a police officer to walk up the stairs. Sneak up on him and take him out. Hide him in the cabinet nearby. Repeat that six more times.

Completing the Infiltrator, Evidence Collector, In Stereo, The Tables Have Turned and Mastery Challenge

The Infiltrator challenge requires you to stay undetected in each part of the mission. The Evidence Collector challenge requires you to pick up the evidence in the Library, Shangri-La and Tran Station. The In Stereo challenge requires you to lure police officers in a disco room by activation a cassette player in it. The The Tables Have Turned Challenge requires you to complete the mission. 

By doing the high score run in the way I suggest in the following guides you will complete each of the challenges left:

Burning Hotel:
Pigeon Coop:
Train Station:





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