Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide: DSR 50 Sniper Rifle (Best Class Setup and Best Game Strategies)

The DSR 50 is the second sniper rifle you unlock in Call of Duty Black Ops 2 which has the most damage of all the sniper rifles. It is a bolt action rifle meaning that you have to cycle a bullet each time you fire (which causes a very low fire rate). You can’t be very aggressive with this rifle as at close range it is hard to aim and even missing once is deadly for you. Also you often won’t even have the chance to get into the scope at close range as it does take quite some time, and the hip fire spread of the DSR 50 is nothing short of abysmal. You have to be behind cover and ready for enemies at medium to long range to be effective.

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DSR 50 Strategy

When you move around any map you have to keep in mind that you can’t do close quarters with the DSR 50. Instead use a secondary whilst you are travelling, then switch to the DSR 50 once you are in the right spot. Then keep aiming down the sights of the DSR 50 until you see the numbers for the kill pop up. I often tend to scope out after each shot, but doing that too early will mean that your shot will count as hip fire and will not go where you aimed. Also, when you see an enemy it is worth adjusting your hip fire aim so that when you scope in you will be very close to the enemy you intend to shoot as it is much harder to aim quickly whilst scoped in.

DSR 50 Attachments

I found that the Suppressor took away too much of the damage of the DSR 50, which is one of its key advantages over the other sniper rifles. With the Suppressor it felt like I had to get a neck or headshot to get a one hit kill. The advantages it gives to sniper rifles aren’t that great either, since staying off the radar isn’t worth much when you are far from the enemies. I didn’t notice any difference in use when I was using the Ballistic CPU (it reduces idle sway). But when you intend to kill you just have to hold your breath and then you won’t have any idle sway and the Ballistic CPU does nothing.

I found that the close range part of the Zoom attachment was too close and the long range scope was too far. The standard scope for the DSR 50 is pretty much at the perfect magnification level for medium to long range, but if you have a small screen or sit far from it the Zoom attachment might be worthwhile. I also didn’t notice any difference when I was using the Fast Mag attachment since if you are at long range you can just duck behind cover and reload where it doesn’t matter how long it takes to reload.

FMJ increases the penetration of the DSR 50 and increases the damage you do against score streaks. Neither poses much advantage to the DSR 50 as it isn’t very good at taking out score streaks and if an enemy is partly hidden behind some cover you can just aim above it. The ACOG scope is pretty much out of place on the DSR 50 as it is very much a medium to short range scope for snipers. The hit indicator is also not the best making it difficult to line up fast shots.

The Laser Sight attachment is worthless as the DSR 50 has very bad hid fire spread which is combined with a slow fire rate to give a truly awful performance when firing from the hip. The Dual Band scope is pretty good if you have trouble identifying enemies, but I always spotted enemies easily so I didn’t find the Dual Band attachment to be of very much use.

DSR 50 Best Class Setup

t6mp 2012-12-23 12-38-27-102The DSR 50 is a solid rifle and almost all of the attachments available don’t suit it very well or don’t give much of an advantage. However, the Extended Clip attachment only has a positive effect as it grants two extra bullets per magazine which makes it easier to take care of a lot of enemies. A secondary is important because you are going to have to use that when you change position. I found that the KAP-40 was well suited since it has automatic fire. However, the KAP-40 has very few bullets per magazine so using Extended Clip will poses many advantages.

When you are more stationary scorestreaks can be a problem because they will force you to go into buildings which are always close quarters. So using Blind Eye will protect you from AI controlled air support, which is the more common type of streak. Awareness will help you detect nearby enemies prompting you to pull out your secondary to take care of them. Toughness reduces the flinch whilst being shot and is a must on every weapon.

The Bouncing Betty and Shock Charges will help you hold down an area by protection your back. Place the Shock Charges and Bouncing Betty near the most common paths to get to you, and them being destroyed or set off will either grant a kill or at least warn you that enemies are nearby in which case you can switch to your secondary and take care of them.

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  1. MIELLA88 says:

    Dude from the look of your post you are a hardscoping,camping bastard and have no skill that’s why you just sit and wait like a noob bitch

  2. Niko yearwood says:

    So from this review I take it you do not quickscope and prefer the real life version or other known as hardscoping

  3. Anonymous says:

    the whole dsr50 isn’t for close range isn’t completely true as i quickscope with it all the time which is why the acog scope was added. The bouncing betty can be crouched under and it wont kill you ((unless on a step)) so i would recommend learning to quickscope just so if you run into somebody you can take them out quickly. just a few tips.

  4. dbhunks says:

    How can i change the FOV

  5. Anonymous says:

    you are fricken crazy good job but it seems that most of those matches were set up based on how easy it was for u to kill them!

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. A says:

    There is actually no medium range scope, the zoom only gives you a smaller zoom plus the normal zoom. With or without the zoom, you still have the same max zoom.

  8. Anonymous says:

    hey one thing not too big bc i have to get off, just a tip, if u place shock charge in front of betty then u shock them before betty goes off making it impossible to crouch, common mistake is betty before charge.

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