Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide: SVU-AS Sniper Rifle (Best Class Setup and Best Game Strategies)

The SVU-AS is the first sniper rifle you unlock in Call of Duty Black Ops 2. It is a semi automatic rifle and can be used fairly aggressively similar to how you might use a slower semi automatic assault rifle. I found it best to be aggressive, but at the same time make sure that I was ready for every engagement I came across as you have a long aim time, especially if you are running, and poor hip fire spread.

At the end of this guide is a YouTube video with a visual version of this guide. Should any part of the written guide be unclear I strongly suggest you watch the video as it might clear the confusion.

When using the SVU-AS you have to be at medium to long range to reliably beat the other guns in Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Especially at long range you are much better equipped with the SVU-AS compared to a sub machine gun or assault rifle. So think about how you are going to advance on a map and take the routes that lead you to long sight lines and good cover overlooking choke points and high traffic areas. That said it isn’t a good idea to stay in the same cover for long. The enemies will get an idea of where you are and try to get revenge.

SVU-AS Attachments

The Supressor keeps you off the radar and gets rid of the muzzle flash of the SVU-AS at the cost of some of your range. However, I didn’t find that the hit requirements changed much, most enemies were still 2 hit kills. That said, the Supressor is of limited use at long range since the enemies are far from you so it doesn’t matter that you show up on the radar. The Ballistic CPU reduces the idle sway whilst you are aiming with the SVU-AS. I didn’t find that it was very useful as I didn’t notice much of a difference. If you have to take a long, difficult shot just hold your breath and line it up. A good shot that took a little time to set up is better than a few wasted in haste.

Fast Mag significantly reduces the time it takes to reload the SVU-AS. However, the problem with reloading is that if you are in the middle of an engagement and have to reload you will likely die, and Fast Mag doesn’t reduce the time it takes to reload enough to negate that. FMJ increases the penetration of the SVU-AS and increases the damage you do against score streaks. Again I didn’t find this attachment that useful. You don’t need to shoot through cover because you have the accuracy to shoot over it. Blind fire through a wall also likely won’t do you much good.

The ACOG scope offers a closer range sight for the SVU-AS. It means that you are even better at medium range and have a good chance at close range. But you much less effective at long range which is where the SVU-AS is best at. The Laser Sight decreases the hip fire spread of the SVU-AS. I can’t imagine why that would be useful with snipers. That said, I had a bit of fun running at the enemies and hip firing wildly.

The Dual Band highlights enemies, even through smoke. It is useful if you are defending a position or are using a smaller screen, but I found that I could normally identify targets very easily so I didn’t need the help.

SVU-AS Best Class Setup

t6mp 2012-12-20 13-03-47-073Most enemies don’t expect snipers to be wearing Flack Jacket or Tactical Mask so they tend to try and get you with equipment. When they can’t you often leave them surprised and make the easy pickings with your secondary. Also as enemies get an idea of where you are they will start throwing equipment your way to try and get revenge. Toughness is self explanatory by now.

The Grenade lets you defend objectives from a long range. I strongly suggest you don’t get too close to an objective, so the only means of defense is by direct line of sight or the grenade which you can throw over buildings to clear objectives. Shock Charges will protect your back when you are holding down a position, which is great protection against enemies that are trying to flank you. Whenever you are in close quarters whilst changing position or know an enemy is close pull out your favorite secondary to stop them from killing you.

Extended Clip increases the bullets per magazine of the SVU-AS. This is a great addition as it lets you take care of many more enemies and, should you miss a few times, you will still be able to finish enemies off. The Zoom attachment grants two levels of magnification. Once that is similar to the ACOG sight and the other a little more magnified than the normal sight. The reason I like it is for the low magnification because it lets you cover more than one choke point at once and gives you are better chance even at closer range without having to give up any of your long range capabilities.


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