Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide: HAMR Light Machine Gun (Best Class Setup and Best Game Strategies)

The HAMR is the last Light Machine Gun you unlock in Call of Duty Black Ops 2. It is best suited to close to medium range combat due to its unique characteristic of having a high fire rate initially and then a slowing down fire rate to reduce the recoil and be able to take on enemies at longer ranges. That said, you have to be ready for engagements, you can not sprint around a corner and expect to win a gun fight should you encounter an enemy shortly after rounding the corner.

At the end of this guide is a YouTube video with a visual version of this guide.

HAMR Attachments

The Fore Grip reduces the recoil of the HAMR. But, because it is more a close range weapon, the recoil at the effective range isn’t that high so it isn’t necessary to use the Fore Grip. The Laser Sight attachment reduces the hip fire spread of the HAMR. However, it isn’t good enough to reliably kill at close range whilst only using hip fire. The Laser Sight is also good when you prone. You will be able to put accurate shots on target, even at long range. However, the HAMR isn’t suited for defending a position, so this also isn’t a reason to use the HAMR.

The Supressor keeps you off the map and gets rid of the muzzle flash making it easier for you to remain undetected and to aim. But if you are close to the enemies the supressor isn’t that useful since it is easy to spot you anyway. Rapid Fire increases the fire rate of the HAMR. But this also increases the recoil and I didn’t find that the attachment was very useful as you give up a lot of your medium range capabilities for some extra close range power.

The HAMR has a full range of optical attachments available. Optical attachments are good when a weapon is best used at medium to long range, giving you a much clearer view on the targets. The long range attachments (the ACOG, Zoom, Dual Band and Hybrid Optic) aren’t very useful on the HAMR to begin with since the HAMR isn’t well suited for long range engagements. If you need a sight at medium range to be accurate it is worth swapping it for the Quickdraw Handle I am going to recommend. But I found that the iron sights of the HAMR were pretty good so I decided against using an optical attachment.

Best Class Setup for the HAMR

t6mp 2012-12-17 14-37-40-688You are going to have to aim down the sights of the HAMR to beat assault rifles and sub machine guns. You are going to be close to the enemies so reducing the time it takes to aim down the sights is gong to help you out a lot in more hectic circumstances. When you are in the middle of the fight you often face multiple enemies. To maximize the number of enemies you can hold back Extended Clip increases the bullets you have per magazine. Using the Stock attachment has two reasons. First it makes it very easy to cause enemies to loose their aim by strafing once you are in an engagement. Second normally when you aim you will be on the enemy UAV (should they have one up), even if you are wearing Ghost. Using stock and strafing will mean that you won’t be on the UAV.

If you are more aggressive you will run into all sorts of equipment either designed to kill or immobilize you. Flack Jacket and Tactical Mask reduces how lethal that equipment can be and lets you move around the map without worrying about bouncing bettys and such. Ghost keeps you off the mini map as long as you move at walking speed or faster. It is essential if you are going to be more aggressive as you can flank without being detected by an enemy UAV. Toughness reduces the flinching you do when you are being shot, an essential addition to almost every class.


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