Hitman Absolution Score Maximizing Purist Mission Guide: Terminus, Upper Floors, Recover Evidence, Undetected

This is a guide to the second part of the Terminus mission in Hitman: Absolution which is called Upper Floors. It describes how to complete this mission with the maximum score (excluding how to complete all the challenges in this area). This means playing on the purist difficulty, avoid being spotted and recovering the evidence in this area.

At the end of this guide is a YouTube video with a visual version of this guide.

Get to the Eighth Floor Undetected

At the start go out of the elevator and to the left. There is a hallway. Follow it until you walk past a guard standing next to an open window. Go around the corner and pick up the vase on the table. Then go around another corner. Wait for the guard that is on the phone to have walked past, then take cover in the left wall near the corner. Once the cleaning lady has walked past the guard in the right direction turn around and throw the vase into the corner:

Image1If you throw it exactly where I threw the vase the guard standing in front of the window will go into a room next to the hallway. If you didn’t, he will go towards you. In that case stay in cover until he is past you, then go up to the window and climb through it. Otherwise you can walk up to the window and climb through it straight away. Follow the ledge all the way to the left until you can climb through another window. Go up the stairs.

Recover the Evidence Undetected

At the top of the stairs go through the door ahead, then turn right twice. A guard will walk up to another window. Sneak up to him and throw him out of the window:


Then climb through the window. Drop down and follow the ledge and scaffold until you can climb up again. Edge towards the window, but don’t go through it yet. Wait for a guard to come up to it, then pull him out through the window:

Image3Climb through the window and go through the open door ahead and turn right into another room. Take cover on the table underneath the bottle. Wait for the right guard to have started walking, then take and throw the bottle onto the left wall of the room:

Image4Wait for the guard on the right to have turned his back on you, then go and recover the evidence from the far left side of the other desk.

Get to Room 889 Undetected

Go back to where you took cover on the desk before and wait for the guard you distracted to have gone back into his original position. Then go back out of the room. Wait for the guard ahead to have started to walk away. As soon as you can go back through the open door and turn left. Pick the lock on the door ahead. Once you have gone through it it is the end of this mission.




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