Hitman Absolution Score Maximizing Purist Mission Guide: The King of Chinatown, Eliminate King of Chinatown (Silent & Signature Kill)

This is a guide for the The King of Chinatown mission in Hitman: Absolution. It describes the score maximizing way to complete this mission, which includes getting a signature and silent kill on The King of Chinatown, how to hide his body and how to recover the evidence and stay undetected. All of this on the purist difficulty.

At the end of this guide is a YouTube video with a visual version of this guide.

Locate the King of Chinatown

At the start make your way to the middle of the square until the objective completed message for finding The King of Chinatown pops up.

Eliminate the King of Chinatown with Silent and Signature Kill

Find a spot that gives you a clear view of the middle of the square:

Image1And wait for the drug dealer, who wears a white jumper and a golden chain around his neck, to get there. He then waits for the King of Chinatown to return and talks to him. After that he goes to get the drugs. Follow him and once he is in a side area subdue him:

Image2Take his outfit and hide the body in one of the dumpsters. Go back up to the middle of the square and pick up the evidence that is on the table with the coffee on it. Then find the King of Chinatown. He will be near the exit on the opposite side of the Chinatown Square than you entered. Walk into his sight. After a bit of talking he will follow you. Take him up to the apartment that overlooks the square. The entrance to it is down a side alley off the main square area on the right side of the Chinatown Square compared to where you entered it:

Image5Go all the way up and into the apartment. Select the fiber wire. It will be easiest to take him out when he is bent over doing drugs, but any time you see the garrote prompt is a good time to take him out:

Image3This will cause a silent and signature kill on The King of Chinatown. Be sure to hide the body in the cabinet that is also in the apartment to gain some extra score. You can now leave the Chinatown Square via the exit you found The King of Chinatown next to earlier:

Image4Once you have gone through that door it is the end of the The King of Chinatown mission.

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3 Responses to Hitman Absolution Score Maximizing Purist Mission Guide: The King of Chinatown, Eliminate King of Chinatown (Silent & Signature Kill)

  1. Renee says:

    It isn’t impossible to get into the drug dealers apartment on purist. If you wait for the drug dealer to exit the alley and speak to the King, wait for the third officer that is patrolling to walk down the alley and turn the corner so he can’t see you. Make sure you have a bottle or something to distract the two officers watching the TV. Sneak over to the fuse box and hide against the wall and wait for the officer to walk back down and pass you. Throw the bottle onto the back wall of the alley so when it hits, the two officers turn and face the wall, having their back to you. Sneak down the alley and go up the stairs. To get out, use a bottle again. Wait for the third officer to patrol and stop at the bottom of the stairs. When he does, he’ll talk on his radio for a moment and as soon as he turns around, you walk right behind him but stop right before the boxes on the right. Wait a second or two so the patrolling officer is far enough and throw the bottle on the wall where the locker is so the two officers again will have their back to you. Sneak back out of the alleyway. If you time it correctly, you most definitely will not get spotted.

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