Hitman Absolution Challenge Guide: Completing All the Challenges in A Personal Contract and High Score Run

This is a guide for completing all the challenges in the A Personal Contract in Hitman: Absolution. After you have done the challenges and have done the Mansion Ground Floor on purist you can expect 34,410 score which is after having collected all the pieces of evidence.

At the end of this guide is a YouTube video with a visual version of this guide.

You are going to have to play the A Personal Contract mission a few times since some of the challenges can’t be done in the same playthrough. Do these on the normal difficulty, which is the easiest difficulty that you can complete challenges on (you can’t complete challenges on the easy difficulty).

Completing the Suit Only, Modern Art and Geronimo Challenge

The first time do the whole mission suit only. If you can’t see an obvious way to get past enemies, just shoot your way through. You won’t take much damage on the normal difficulty. In this playthrough complete the Modern Art challenge by shooting the base of the statue in the Gardens area:

Image5And a little later on a guard is talking to a doctor about cancer near a window. Pull him out to complete the Geronimo challenge:

Image6Make sure you finish the whole mission since you have to complete all areas whilst wearing the suit.

Completing the Chameleon, Infiltrator and Well Played Challenge

Next play through the entire mission and pick up all the disguises around which is how to complete the Chameleon challenge. The gardener outfit is on a table just before you get to the greenhouse:

Image8For the outside guard you are going to have to take out a guard that isn’t a part of the tutorial, but you have to stay undetected to complete a different challenge. Use the two guards just before you get to the cliffside part of the mission:

Image7Garrote the guard that is standing a bit further away from the ledge. Drop him and push the other guard over the ledge. Then take the outfit of the guard you garroted, then hide his body by dumping it over the edge. The inside guard outfit is on the table near the security system:

Image9To get the cook’s disguise you have to take down the cook one way or another. When you get into the mansion ground floor part go straight into the kitchen and then wait for the guard the cook is talking to to leave the room:


Then either subdue or garrote the cook, take his outfit then hide the cook’s body. When you play through the mission this time make sure you stay undetected. That will get the Infiltrator and Well Played challenge done.

Completing the Play it Again Challenge

To complete the Play It Again challenge load into the mansion ground floor area and take the cook’s disguise. Then go into the living room and to the piano. Wait there until one of the guards walks up to the piano and plays a little bit. He will then go an examine the inside of the open piano. Whilst he is doing that knock down the pin to complete the challenge:


Completing the Evidence Collector, Extra Spice and Damn Good Coffee Challenge

To complete all of these load into the cliffside are on the purist difficulty. Pull out the guard through the window and wait for the guard inside to get out of your way then go past him. Pick up the evidence that is near the security system:

Image13After that just follow the guide I wrote for the mansion ground floor yesterday. You can find it here. Putting the sleeping pills into the food is how to complete the Extra Spice challenge. Putting the sleeping pills into head of security’s coffee is how to complete the Damn Good Coffee challenge. Since you picked up the evidence in the cliffside area and the guide describes how to pick up the evidence in the mansion ground floor area you will also complete the Evidence Collector challenge.

Completing the Mastery and The Price of Treason Challenge

Once you have completed the purist run (make sure you finish the mission afterwards) you will also complete the Mastery challenge for this mission. Completing the mission once, which you should have done earlier, will also mean that you have complete The Price Of Treason challenge. If you have done all this you can expect 34,410 score for the A Personal Contract mission:



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