Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide: QBB LSW Light Machine Gun (Best Class Setup and Best Game Strategies)

The QBB LSW is the second machine gun you unlock in Call of Duty Black Ops 2. It has the highest fire rate and damage in the class, but at the cost of having the least range and the most recoil. It is more suited to a play style you would adopt with an assault rifle, perhaps a bit slower and more defensive, however, since the QBB LSW has very slow movement characteristics.

At the end of this guide is a YouTube video with a visual version of this guide.

The QBB LSW isn’t a long range gun. It is possible to get kills at the long range, but snipers will be much more effective at that range and will usually beat the QBB LSW. However, at close to medium range the QBB LSW is very powerful. But you have to be behind cover and preferably not moving to be able to use the QBB LSW well. If you get caught off guard near an enemy with a sub machine gun or assault rifle chances are you are going to die.

QBB LSW Attachments

The Fore Grip lets you use the QBB LSW at a longer range. However, I didn’t find that the Fore Grip helped significantly since the recoil of the QBB LSW is straight up and thus easy to control. FMJ wasn’t a great help either, shooting through cover isn’t very easy on most maps in Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

The Quickdraw attachment helps you when you are caught off guard and lets you be more aggressive. However, you will still be beaten by most assault rifles and sub machine guns when you are moving, so it isn’t a great help and thus not really worth it. The stock has similar problems since you have to be moving for it to have any effect at all.

The Laser Sight reduces the hip fire spread. It only really is useful at close to medium range, and then only if you start hip firing and then aim down the sights. Only hip firing isn’t a good option for the QBB LSW, even with the Laser Sight attachment. The Supressor keeps you off the mini map, but at the cost of some of the precious range the QBB LSW has. I found that even at medium range it took a lot of bullets to kill, and since you are near the action the benefit the Supressor does grant isn’t great.

Rapid Fire is probably the second best attachment. When used on the QBB LSW you are even more powerful at close range, and you don’t loose much of your medium range effectiveness. However, the high fire rate means that you have to reload often, which takes a long time with the QBB LSW and often results in death if you happen to be near enemies.

The optical attachments are, as usual, more of a preference choice rather than what is best with the QBB LSW. Any of the EDTech, Reflex, Target Finder or ACOG sight is a solid choice. The Hybrid Optic is also good, but I always find it a bit awkward to use. The Zoom and Dual Band sight aren’t very good with the QBB LSW since they are designed around the long range, and the recoil is very noticeable at those ranges. They also take away a lot of your peripheral vision, which can be deadly for you when you are near the middle of the fight.

The class setup I recommend is the following:

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The best attachment for the QBB LSW is the Extended Clip attachment. It grants an extra 25 bullets per magazine, which is particularly good with the QBB LSW due to the high fire rate. The Extended Clip attachment lets you hold down an objective for quite some time. If you are a bit more conservative you can expect as much as 6 kills or more per magazine. For the optical attachment I prefer the Reflex sight since it is very good at close to medium range.

Since you are going to be more stationary the enemies will start to throw all sorts of grenades and other deadly objects at you. The combination of Flack Jacket and Tactical Mask render you all but immune to those allowing you to hold down a position for longer. Toughness is a must for any class where you expect to be shot back at, for which the QBB LSW certainly qualifies.

The lethal and tactical equipment is preference based. If you find that you get flanked a lot using the Bouncing Betty and Shock Charges can help you out. However, I prefer to more aggressive equipment which allows you to take down enemies that aren’t even in sight. A secondary is also important since the reload time of the QBB LSW is very long. Switch to it in case you ever run dry during an engagement.

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    I normally use Target Finder,FMJ,and Fore Grip

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