Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide: MK 48 Light Machine Gun (Best Class Setup and Best Game Strategies)

The MK 48 is the first light machine gun you unlock in Call of Duty Black Ops 2. It is similar to the M60 from the original Call of Duty Black Ops. It is a focused on long range, as it has less recoil, a lower fire rate and lower damage than the other light machine guns. It is best suited to a more passive approach, moving from cover to cover and taking out enemies from the distance.

At the end of this guide is a YouTube video with a visual version of this guide.

MK 48 Strategy

The MK 48 is a mid to long range weapon and has slow handling characteristics (slower movement speed, slow recovery from sprinting and long aim down sight times). It is not suited for a lot of sprinting and aggressive combat, instead take a slower, careful approach moving from cover to cover and taking on enemies head on at choke points. The MK 48 works best when you are aimed down your sights when the enemies walk into sight, but don’t stay in the same cover for too long as enemies tend to throw tactical and lethal equipment your way once they know where you are. When you have shot a few enemies from one position (or spent some time there), move on to the next.

MK 48 Attachments

The Fore Grip is a good attachment increasing the ranged ability of the MK 48 even beyond what it already has, but it is rare that such range is required. At the typical range that you encounter most enemies in a passive play style the recoil of the MK 48 can be controlled easily. However, if you feel that you can’t deal with the MK 48’s recoil feel free to substitute the Fore Grip for the suggested FMJ attachment.

Quickdraw is good when you are close to enemies, but it isn’t in the nature of the MK 48 to be at close range, so the Quickdraw attachment offers little benefit (it reduces the time it takes to aim down the sights of the MK 48). Stock is similarly out of place on the MK 48.

It is fun to use the MK 48 using the Laser Sight, Extended Clip and Rapid Fire, but that is only really effective at close range and strongly reduces the effectiveness of the MK 48 at anything beyond mid range (as rapid fire reduces the range and damage of the MK 48). But on a close quarters map like Hijacked or Nuketown 2025 it is certainly a blast to run around with these attachments and only use hip fire.

MK 48 Optical Attachments

The optical attachments are mostly preference based, but the EDTech and Reflex sight are most effective at mid range and suffer at long range so I would advise against them. The Zoom attachment offers too much range, it is like a sniper scope and the MK 48 is not suited for that role (the same can be said about the Dual Band attachment).

Recommended Class Setup

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The Target Finder, ACOG and Hybrid Optic attachments work well on the MK 48, but I personally prefer the Target Finder since it is a medium to long range sight, which is where the MK 48 is best, and highlights enemies that you can shoot. The FMJ attachment helps you shoot through cover and increases the damage you do to scorestreaks to the point that is is very effective to shoot at enemy helicopters. The Supressor keeps you off the radar, but more importantly gets rid of the muzzle flash of the MK 48 which makes you much harder to spot and makes it easier for you to aim with the MK 48.

The perks strongly depend on what game type you play. Generally I would recommend either Blind Eye or Flack Jacket in the Perk 1 slot. Toughness in the Perk 2 slot is a must since flinching in long range engagements will cause you to loose a lot of gun fights. The Perk 3 slot again has two good options, Dexterity and Tactical Mask. Dexterity lets you have a better chance when you get caught off guard when you are moving to the next cover and Tactical Mask reduces the chance that you will be helpless once you are stunned or flashed from some of the tactical equipment.

Since the MK 48 has a very long reload time it is good to have a pistol secondary to which you can switch when your primary runs dry and enemies are nearby. However, when you run out of bullets in the MK 48 and you have to chance to move to a safe location and reload that is always better than trying to use the pistol. After all of this you have one point left. I would recommend using a Grenade since it will help with clearing out enemies behind cover.

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