Far Cry 3 Warrior Difficulty Guide: Liberate Mosquito Yard Outpost Undetected

This guide explains how to liberate the Mosquito Yard outpost without being detected using a silenced sniper rifle in Far Cry 3. This guide is for the warrior difficulty, but it will work for all the other difficulties too. The Mosquito Yard is located to the south of Aman Town, the starting location:


If you don’t have a sniper rifle you can easily get one. There is a set requirement for how many radio towers you mus activate before you get this sniper rifle for free, from memory it is 6 but that figure could be wrong (you can check at the vendors). You need a silencer attachment, but that only costs $400.00 and money is easy to come by in Far Cry 3.

Liberate Mosquito Yard Outpost Undetected

It is best to approach the Mosquito Yard from the south west, which is Jason’s location in the map above, from the top of a hill:

Image2This position makes it easy for you to retreat and not be found when the pirates below start to detect you. That means that you don’t need to worry about not alerting the other pirates when you take down one pirate, so just fire at will at them. They start to run about and go out into the open. Wait for them to stand still, then take them out with a head shot one by one.

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