Far Cry 3 Warrior Guide: Liberate Welshore Wrecker’s House Outpost Undetected

This guide explains how to liberate the Welshore Wrecker’s House Outpost undetected in Far Cry 3. This guide only uses the knife and the silent take down upgrade. This guide is intended for the hardest, warrior, difficulty, but it will also work on the easier difficulties. The Welshore Wrecker’s House Outpost is located north of the Aman Town, which is the starting location:


At the end of this guide is a YouTube video with a visual version of this guide.

Liberate Welshore Wrecker’s House Outpost Undetected

I suggest you approach the Wellshore Wrecker’s House outpost from the south as there is a cliff which allows you to mark the important enemies so that you can easily keep track of them:

Image1After you have marked the enemies drop down on the east side of the outpost (which is right when you face north). Be sure to heal any damage you take from falling down. Approach the east entrance and throw a rock on the wall on the right side of the entrance:

Image2Then take cover behind the wall on the left side of the east entrance. Wait for the pirate to be on your side of the other wall, then sneak up on him and take him down. Next wait for the pirate patrolling in circles around the middle building to be near the east entrance, then throw a rock at one of the doors of the middle building:

Image3And take down the pirate from behind once he has his back to you. Next go up the stairs to the top of the building. Wait for the sniper pirate to have turned his back on you, then sneak up on him and take him down. Next is the enemy that is welding the wall. Don’t drop down off the building, walk down the stairs. Sneak up on the pirate and take him down. The last pirate is near the beach welding a wreckage:

Image4Sneak up on him and take him down. Once you have done that you will have liberated the outpost undetected which gives you triple experience for it (1500 xp).






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