Hitman Absolution Purist Difficulty Guide: Operation Sledgehammer, Outgunned, Evade the Agency and Hunt Skurky

This is the second part of the Operation Sledgehammer Mission in Hitman: Absolution which is called outgunned. In it you make your way around the front of the jail to hunt Skurky whilst evading the agency. This guide explains how to complete this mission on the hardest, purist, difficulty. It does not explain how to complete the different challenges in this area.

Previous Mission: Operation Sledgehammer, Country Jail, Escape the Jail, Get Your Silverballers

At the end of this guide is a YouTube video with a visual version of this guide.

Evade the Agency and Hunt Skurky

At the start make your way to the right side of the front entrance of the jail. Go down the rightmost stairs stairs and approach the box standing next to the truck to avoid being detected. Wait for the guard near the rear of the truck to have turned and left, then go right towards the ledge to the left of the dumpster. Jump up to it on the rightmost side and pull yourself up. Then take cover on the collection of boxes and garbage bags ahead. Move to the left side of that cover and pick up the brick. Once the right guard has just walked past the top of the stairs throw the brick in the corner of the half wall ahead:

Image2Wait for the guard to have turned his back, then sneak up to him and subdue him. Leave him on the ground and take his outfit. Wait for the other guard to have walked up to the railing and turned around again. Make your way around the top of the stairs and subdue the other guard. Hide both the bodies in the back dumpster, near the ledge you used to come up to this area. If you were to use the other dumpster you might get detected. Pick up the brick again and throw it just past the op of the stairs:

Image3Take cover on the metal railing ahead and wait for a guard to come up and investigate. Once he has his back turned on you sneak up to him and subdue him. Drag his body to where you left the other guard’s body earlier. Recover the brick and repeat. Once you have subdued the second guard drag him down the stairs and turn left at the bottom of the stairs. Hide the guard’s body in the dumpster ahead. Do the same with the other guard you took out earlier. Then leave the walled off area and turn right. Take cover on the boxes and immediately scale the cover. Walk past the mailbox at the front of the car and take cover on the front of the car on the same side as the guards are standing:

Image4Wait for the four guards to have turned and left and another guard that patrols up and down the street on the other side of the car to have turned his back, then turn around and walk towards the shoe shop. Once you have gone through the door at the back of that store it is the end of this part of the mission.

Next Mission: Operation Sledgehammer, Burn, Evade the Agency and Hunt Skurky

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