Hitman Absolution Purist Difficulty Guide: Operation Sledgehammer, Burn, Evade the Agency and Hunt Skurky

This is the third part of the Operation Sledgehammer Mission in Hitman: Absolution which is called Burn. In it you make your way around a warehouse that is surrounded by burning buildings to hunt Skurky whilst evading the agency. This guide explains how to complete this mission on the hardest, purist, difficulty. It does not explain how to complete the different challenges in this area.

Previous Mission: Operation Sledgehammer, Outgunned, Evade the Agency and Hunt Skurky

At the end of this guide is a YouTube video with a visual version of this guide.

Evade the Agency and Hunt Skurky

At the start follow the corridor. Be sure to use one of the first aid kits on the wall to recover some health you lost in the interrogation in the cut scene before the start of this mission. Once you get to a large warehouse start crouch walking and go to the other side of the first section of the warehouse. Take cover on the shelves that are on the left side of the area closest to the large open doors and wait for the closer guard to have gone around the corner and walked past you:

Image1Then get out of cover and go through the large open doors. Ahead is a ladder. Go up it and follow the walkway until you can drop off a ledge. Take cover on the pallet with the boxes on it and wait for the guard to have turned his back on you and gone around the corner ahead. Get out of cover and go towards the two pallets stacked on top of one another to the right. Take cover on them and wait for the guard ahead to have gone out of sight:

Image2Then go around the pallets and take cover on the next pallet next to the shelves with the pipes on them. Wait for the crouching guard to have gotten up and turned his back on you,  then change cover. Follow that cover all the way to the right and wait for the guard looking your way to have gone forwards and turned away from you:

Image4Turn right and go up the ladder ahead and drop down on the other side of the platform. Take cover on the double stacked pallets near where you dropped down and wait for a guard to have come close and gone into a gap to the left:

Image3Then follow the corridor all the way to the door ahead. Go through the door and go towards the guard standing near the door ahead. Sneak past behind that guard and through the door. Follow the rooms and the stairs up. You don’t need to worry about being silent and difficult to see here, there are no more guards around. Once you get to the top of the stairs pick the lock of the door ahead. Once you have gone through that door it is the end of this part of the mission.

Next Mission: Operation Sledgehammer, Hope Fair, Evade the Agency and Hunt Skurky, Eliminate Skurky

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