Hitman Absolution Purist Difficulty Guide: Attack of the Saints, Cornfield, Eliminate the Last of the Saints with Signature Kill

This is the last part of the Attack of the Saints Mission in Hitman: Absolution which is called Cornfield. In it you make your way around a few large cornfields and eliminate Luisa Cain, Jaqueline Moorhead and Lasandra Dixon with signature kills and Locate the Command Post. This guide explains how to complete this mission on the hardest, purist, difficulty. It does not explain how to complete the different challenges in this area.

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At the end of this guide is a YouTube video with a visual version of this guide.

Eliminate Luisa Cain with Signature Kill

At the start take cover on the wall and crouch. Wait for the guards to all have turned their back on you, then enter the cornfield on the other side of the road by just going past the fence on the left side. Stick to the right hand side of the cornfield until you are level with the shed:

Then turn left and go through the gap between the tractor and the shed. Ahead is a scarecrow. Take the outfit which allows you to stay undetected if you aren’t moving and inside the cornfield (if you ever hear the being detected noise whilst inside a cornfield, stop moving, locate the guard causing it and wait for that guard to go. Alternatively you can edge forwards just staying undetected), then go left and follow the cornfield’s edge back towards the road. Soon you will see a tractor on the other side of the dirt road. Wait for the guard walking towards it from the main road to have walked past it, then cross the dirt road past the tractor:

Then follow that cornfields edge until you are level with the generator on one of the walls of the shed nearby. Wait for the guard standing near the tractor and the guard standing near the edge of the other cornfield to have turned and walked away:

Then go to the generator (make sure you get right into the corner first to stop being detected) and rig the power cord to the water pipe. Then go around the generator and pull the lever on the front side of it. This will eliminate Luisa Cain with a signature kill.

Eliminate Jaqueline Moorhead with Signature Kill

Go back into the cornfield and keep following the edge away from the place you crossed the dirt road. Eventually you will get to that road again. Follow it up in the cornfield until you are past some barrels, then cross the dirt road to the other cornfield:

Then go towards the cross ahead in the cornfield on which a scarecrow would normally hang on. Wait there for Jaqueline Moorhead to show up:

When she does follow her until she stops near the fence between two cornfields. Select the fiber wire and garrote her and leave the body where it is.

Eliminate Lasandra Dixon with Signature Kill

If it hasn’t already you screen might start flashing as though you have been detected. Don’t worry you haven’t, that is caused by the guards finding the different bodies you have left around the place. Go back to where you crossed the dirt road last time. Wait for two guards to be positioned to the left of the barrel not facing your way:

Then cross the dirt road. Turn right and approach the single tree near the camping van. When you get close to it stand still and wait for a guard to get near you and leave again. Then cross the dirt road and go into the cornfield ahead. There is a small path between that cornfield and a shed at the rear of the shed. At one side of the shed is a small patch of corn. Go into that patch of corn whilst making sure the guard that is patrolling the path is either out of sight or not looking your way. Locate Lasandra Dixon. When she is standing next to the truck that is further away from you:

She is about to pass under the platform which has the sandbags on it. Wait until she is just about to be under them, then shoot the chain that is holding the platform up:

Locate Command Post

Wait for the guards to settle. Once they have wait for the guard that is patrolling on the front porch of the house to have turned his back (if he isn’t there, wait for him to show up and then to turn his back) and is walking away from you. Then go between the close truck and the tractor towards the set up equipment. You will hear a phone ringing. It is on the mat between the two tables. Once you pick up the phone it is the end of this part of the mission and indeed the whole mission.

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