Hitman Absolution Purist Difficulty Guide: Mission 11: Dexter Industries, Descend, Descend to the Compound

This is the third part of the Dexter Industries Mission in Hitman: Absolution which is called Descent. In it you make your way past many guards to get to an elevator to descend to the compound. This guide explains how to complete this mission on the hardest, purist, difficulty. It does not explain how to complete the different challenges in this area.

Previous Mission: Dexter Industries, Old Mill, Evade the Guards

At the end of this guide is a YouTube video with a visual version of this guide.

At the start you can run without worrying about being detected. Make your way down ledges and ladders until you get to  a house. Go around the ledge and, once you get to the window, drop down and go further to the left until you can drop down again. Then keep running until you get to a table with a bottle on it. Take the bottle, then go onto the ledge ahead. Shuffle right until you are above the next platform, then drop down onto it. Take cover on the left side of the door ahead and wait for the guards to stop their conversation:

Once the guard to the left in the image above has walked out of sight around the corner crouch walk into the room and follow the left wall. Stick as close as possible to that wall. You will hear the getting detected noise, but you can get through the room before you are completely detected. Go down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs take cover on the right wall and wait out the conversation of the guards. As soon as they leave follow through the door:

And keep following them until you get into a big cave with mine carts in them. Follow the left wall of the cave until you get into a side cave. Walk into it and into the second part and take cover behind the half wall so that you can see the guards having their briefing ahead:

Wait for the guard to have walked up to the window as he has in the image above. He will shortly after go to the right. Take cover on the left side of the door to the other room and wait until he has turned his back and is walking away. Then go forwards and take cover on the half wall the guard stood next to. On the other side of the cave a guard is standing in a pool of red light. Wait for him to have turned away from you, then go forwards and take cover on the leftmost mine cart. Throw the bottle you took earlier into the far left corner of the cave:

Quickly make your way to the right side of the mine cart and pick up the metal tube sitting there. Throw that to the right of the red barrel:

Once both guards aren’t looking towards the doorway any more crouch walk through that door. Follow the little corridor to the end and just stay hidden around the corner and wait for the two guards ahead to leave:

Then go to the other side of the cave you are in. Wait for the two guards to be on their way away from you and then follow the little side cave to the right and then go forwards to take cover on the half wall ahead to avoid being detected by the guard that will walk by soon:

Once he is past you sneak past the two guards standing near the railing ahead and go to the right and pull the lever. Then follow the walkway to the stairs. Go down the stairs and activate the generator. Then wait for the elevator to come all the way up, go into the elevator and push the button to descend. Once you have done that it is the end of this part of the mission.

Next Mission: Dexter Industries, Factory Compound


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  1. I don’t think the video is on the pure difficulty. When you’re following the two goons downs that ramp after the key card. There’s another guard watching the ramp. You have to hide and wait for him to turn around

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