Hitman Absolution Purist Difficulty Guide: Rosewood, Orphanage Halls, Retrieving the Fuses

This is the second part of the Rosewood Mission in Hitman: Absolution which is called the Orphanage Halls. In it you have to maneuver Rosewood’s orphanage halls to recover the fuses for the elevator whilst keeping out of sight of the baddies searching for Victoria. This guide explains how to complete this mission on the hardest, purist, difficulty. It does not explain how to complete all the challenges in this area.

Previous Mission: Hunter and Hunted, Chinese New Year, Eliminating Frank Owens, Larry Clay and Bill Dole using Signature Kills

At the end of this guide is a YouTube video with a visual version of this guide.

When you start walk forward to the ledge and jump up to it. Don’t pull yourself up yet, wait until the 3 enemies ahead have moved on a little bit. Then pop up and approach the enemy on the phone. Once the other enemy has left the corridor subdue the enemy on the phone and take his clothing:

Near one of the beds in the corridor is a clothing bin. Dump the body in that bin. On the right side of the corridor is a door near where you just dumped the body. Go through it and you will see some stairs. To the right of the stairs is a book. Take the book and then go down the stairs to the first platform. Here wait for the enemy at the bottom to have gone out of sight:

Go down the rest of the stairs and drop, don’t throw, the book at the bottom of the stairs and then follow the enemy out of the room. Once outside go to the right and pick up the book from the table in front of you:

Then go through the doors to the left and into the air ventilation shaft in front of you. Go through the shaft an out the other side. Go down the side room towards the end. Leave the side room through the second exit and walk directly into the room ahead on the left side of the corridor:

The first fuse is on the table ahead. After you have picked it up turn around and go back through the side room and the ventilation shaft. Once outside of it turn left and then go up the stairs. An enemy is leaning on the railing at the top of the stairs to the left. He never turns around so you can just walk around the right side and into the room ahead. The second fuse is on the table to the left of the door to that room:

Take cover behind the table with all the medicine on it in the middle of the room and wait for 4 enemies to walk past the other door to the room. The last will be wearing a green face mask. You can leave the room once you can see him walk past through the window to the right of the door:

Go all the way around the top area until you are were you took out the enemy at the start. Follow the same stairs down, but now go left at the bottom of the stairs and take cover on the wooden bench right outside the other door to that room:

Drop the book you are holding. Go back and pick up the book from earlier and go to the same cover. Wait for the enemy in the gas mask to have walked up to the pile of rubble. Just before he starts talking about the nuns throw the book in the corner of the room near the pram:

Whilst the enemy is distracted make your way around the room behind the counter. On the other side of the counter is the third fuse:

Approach the door to the left of the statue, but keep as close as possible to the wall at all times. Once you are in the room immediately drop the book and walk up the the enemy in front of you and subdue him before he reaches the other side of the room:

Once he is done leave him lying about for now and approach the second row of lockers and take cover on the side facing you. Wait for the other enemy to stand in front of the first aid kit and then walk up and subdue him too:

After you have taken him out put both the bodies in the room into the cabinet in the room (which is behind and to the left of Agent 47 in the image above). Pick up the toy robot that is lying about in the room and make your way out of it through the other door. Sneak behind the enemy standing there and take cover behind the table with all the medicine on it. Throw the toy robot so that it hits the ground just behind the small metal cabinet behind the enemy standing in the door:

Once he is distracted walk up to the doorway and take cover on the left side of the door. Wait until the same enemy has turned back around and eventually turned around and walked away. Then get out of cover and take cover on the same desk as before, but now on the side facing the wall:

Shortly after you have taken cover there the guy in the blue suit will start walking towards the medicine room. Once he is standing still talking to the other enemies sneak into said room and take the last fuse sitting on the bench near the door:

After you have done so go back to the cover as before and make your way back into the room in which you took out the 2 guards earlier. Pick up the book your dropped earlier and leave the room the same way you got into it back when the 2 guards weren’t in the cabinet. Once outside again stay as close to the wall as possible but only go into the corner to the left. Throw the book over the counter and as far into the entrance hall as possible:

Once the enemies are distracted go back the same way as before but instead of going back into the room with the stairs in it go towards the door to the left of the elevator:

Follow the corridor to the end and turn right and into the maintenance room. Insert the fuses into the fuse box and turn the lever. Once you have done that it is the end of this part of the mission.

Next Mission: Central Heating, Eliminating Wade with a Signature Kill

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9 Responses to Hitman Absolution Purist Difficulty Guide: Rosewood, Orphanage Halls, Retrieving the Fuses

  1. hotarou says:

    Making a blog & a video?
    You sir are my savior.

  2. Vadim Pelau says:

    So did you manage to get silent assassin o this one?

    I used a different approach, quickly headed downstairs and got the fuses toy room-pharmacy-room next to locker room and then upstairs.

    • You don’t have to kill anyone in this part of the Rosewood mission. I got a signature and silent kill on Wade later though, link to that guide at the end of this guide.

    • So the mission that the guide on this page is for? Or a different mission? If different, can you provide a link to that mission?

      • Vadim Pelau says:

        Yes, the mission on this page, but never mind I saw the rating just when you start. It just annoys me that it’s so much work for a non-Silent Assassin rating.

      • From what I know of the system it is all about how much score you get. So I would assume that if you complete some of the challenges in this area and then followed this guide you would get a silent assassin rating. But I haven’t tried that myself. Other than that, in the video I don’t get spotted and I only subdue enemies and then hide their bodies. I have done the same thing in other missions and received a silent assassin rating.

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