Hitman Absolution Purist Difficulty Mission Guide: Mission 05: Hunter and Hunted, Dressing Room

This is the third part of the Hunter and Hunted Mission in Hitman Absolution which is called the Dressing Room. You make your way through the strippers dressing room into an office to listen to a recorded message on the answering machine. This guide explains how to complete this mission on the hardest, purist, difficulty, it does not explain how to complete all the challenges in this area.

Previous Mission: Hunter and Hunted, Vixen Club, Eliminating Dom Osmond

At the end of this guide is a video with a visual version of this guide.

When you start walk up to the corner and take cover on it. In the hallway ahead two employees are talking. Wait out their conversation. Once they leave wait until the employee going into the room to the left is a fair way into the room, then go into cover behind the sofa. Pick up the bottle and throw it into the back right corner of the room:

As soon as your screen flashes change cover to the arm chair and again to the wall. Get out of cover and walk up to the counter to the right and take cover on it. Keep going forwards and change cover until you get to a pillar walk around the corner of the pillar and then keep changing cover until you get to the other side of the room. Take cover on the wall there:

Wait until that employee is leaning against the wall. Then turn around and go to the back wall and turn right and walk up the stairs. Take cover on the right wall at the top of the stairs. You have to wait there until the bald employee walks across the hall into the room to the left:

Once he is in the room start crouch walking down the corridor until you get to a small window. Climb through it and make your way to the far edge of the screen:

Wait for the employee standing near the sofa near the pillar that is further away to leave the room, then walk up to said pillar and take cover behind it. Wait until the employee that just left comes back into the room and walks forward to lean on the sofa. Before you subdue him be sure to check that the bold employee has left the room:

After you have subdued the employee take his clothes and put him into the box behind you. Go back to the same pillar as before and wait until the bald employee has entered and left the room again:

Go up to and through the door the bald employee has just gone through. Take the bottle standing to the right on the half wall and make your way, yet again, to the same second pillar and take cover there until the bald guy has come in and left the room again. Then crouch walk up to the room on the opposite wall of the room you are in and throw the bottle into the back left corner to draw away the employee from looking at the desk:

Once that employee is looking at the wall sneak past him and walk up to the answering machine and play it. Once you have done that a cut scene starts and it doesn’t matter that the employee is still in a room with you. This is the end of this part of the mission.

Next Mission: Hunter and Hunted, Derelict Building

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