Hitman Absolution Purist Difficulty Guide: Hunter and Hunted, Chinese New Year, Eliminating Frank Owens, Larry Clay and Bill Dole using Signature Kills

This is the last part of the Hunter and Hunted Mission in Hitman Absolution which is called Chinese New Year. In it you eliminate Wade’s People. This guide explains how to eliminate wade’s people on the purist, hardest, difficulty with signature kills. It does not explain how to complete the different challenges in this area.

Previous Mission: Hunter and Hunted Loading Area

At the end of this guide is a YouTube video with a visual version of this guide.

At the start make your way to the opposite end of the square compared to where you entered it:

Ahead and to the right you will see a wall that cuts off a section of the area. Walk as far as possible on the left side of the alley until you get to the truck. Then turn and face the wall and throw a bottle, which I still had or you can just pick one up nearby, through the hole in the wall to distract the police officer and cook:

You can sneak past them to the right immediately. Make your way to the back of the area and hide behind the half wall until the police officer leaves again:

To your right is a fuel pump. Walk up to it and sabotage it. Then turn left and walk towards the dumpster and hide in it until Frank Owens has eliminated himself:

After he has very convincingly dies get out of the dumpster and use the confusion to escape the area through the hole in the wall you threw a bottle through earlier. Then walk down the square on the current side of it until you see a tattoo shop:

To the right of it is an alley. Walk down it and onto the platform via the stairs. Drop down on the far end and turn right and go towards the dumpster and hide in it. Wait until Larry Clay shows up. Once he has pushed over the cook get out of the dumpster and push him into the sewers:

The cook will stay on the ground and not notice you. Jump back onto the ledge you dropped down from and walk out of the alley. Keep walking down the alley towards the other side, but when you see a police officer walk by ahead turn left and walk around the section he is in. At the far end of the alley you will see some stairs going down:

Enter the air ventilation shaft at the bottom of the stairs and crawl forward until you can hear a conversation. Wait it out and then back out of the air shaft into the area you used to enter the air shaft. Down there is also a dumpster. Go into the dumpster and wait for Bill Dole to show up. Once he is past you exit the dumpster, equip your fiber cable and garrote Bill Dole:

Once you are done hide him in the dumpster you used to hide. After this you have to exit the area. The exit is near where you eliminated Frank Owens, in fact it is behind the truck I pointed out earlier. On your way there be sure to keep an eye out for police officers patrolling the area, use crowds of people to avoid being detected by them. Once you have gone through the door it is the end of this part and, in fact, the end of the Hunter and Hunted Mission.

Next Mission: Rosewood, Orphanage Halls, Retrieving the Fuses


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