Hitman Absolution Purist Difficulty Mission Guide: Mission 05: Hunter and Hunted, Courtyard

This is the first part of the Hunter and Hunted Mission in Hitman Absolution. In this part you navigate a courtyard whilst avoiding being detected by the police. This guide explains how to get through this part of the mission on the hardest difficulty. It does not explain how to complete all the challenges in this area.

Previous Mission: Run For Your Life, Train Station

At the end of this guide is a YouTube video with a visual version of this guide.

When you start the mission you can sprint along the corridors until you get to a larger one. Take cover:

But change cover immediately. As soon as you have get out of cover and walk across into the next room. To your left is a door to a side room with a police officer patrolling in it. Subdue him and take his uniform. There is a dumpster in the room with you, underneath all the missing people posters, so be sure to get rid of the body. Once you have walk back out to the door and wait out the police officer patrolling in the area ahead until he turns around and walks away from you:

Make your way through the corridor past the police officer. Around the corner is a air ventilation shaft. Go through it. Once you are in the other room take cover next to the wall and wait for a police officer to walk by:

If you weren’t quick enough at the start of the mission you have to wait in this cover until you see the police officer walking in the direction in the image above, not the other way. This may take some time, but if you don’t later parts of this guide won’t work for you. Once the police officer has walked past you go through the door and up the stairs to the left. Once you are at the top of those stairs take cover behind the trash cans and immediately change cover to the police car:

In the image above you can just make out a police officer through the pillars behind the other police car. Wait for him to turn around then make your way behind the police officer to the left behind the pillars. Be sure to stay behind the police officer to the left who will start walking shortly after the first police officer has turned around. Take cover in the small wall ahead once you are behind the pillars. Scale the cover as soon as you get to it:

Walk across the walkway ahead on the left side of the pillars. Once you get past the last pillar you can sneak past the police officer and climb down a ledge:

Once you are down there the entry door is right ahead of you. Lock pick the door and enter the door. This is the end of this part of the Hunter and Hunted mission.

Next Mission: Hunter and Hunted, Vixen Club

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