Hitman Absolution Purist Difficulty Mission Guide: Mission 04: Run For Your Life, Shangri-LA

This is the fourth part of the Run For Your Life Mission in Hitman Absolution. In this part you go through an apartment building evading the police and eventually escaping the area via an elevator. This guide explains how to complete this mission on the hardest, purist, difficulty. It does not explain how to complete all the challenges in this area.

Previous Mission: Run For Your Life, Pigeon Coop

At the end of this guide is a visual version of this guide.

At the start you can freely move around. Once you get into a living room go across the room and leave via the leftmost door in the corridor. Take cover behind the book case:

Wait for the police officers to have completed their conversation with the guy. Once they have they turn their back to the room and you can sneak past them. Exit through the door at the far end of the room, but don’t proceed into the main corridor yet. Stay in the small entrance area until a police officer walks past in the corridor ahead:

Follow him around the corner and then subdue him and take his uniform:

After you have taken his uniform drag him across the the clothing baskets. Put him into the back one, you can be seen by the police officer talking to the guy up the corridor if you dump the body into the first. Now that you are dressed up like a police officer the detection radius is smaller, however it is still pretty large. Go through the door the police officer was asking to enter before:

Inside is some music equipment. Go up to the tape player and insert a tape:

Then quickly make your way back to the door. Open it and hide behind it. The music will draw 3 of the 4 police officers away from the elevator. Once they are inside turn around and pick up an empty bottle. Then walk up to the remaining police officer at the elevator and toss the empty bottle into the corridor to the right:

This will draw away the last police officer at the elevator. Walk up to the elevator and call it. You can stand in front of the elevator until it is there. Once you enter the elevator it is the end of this part of the Run For Your Life mission.

Next Mission: Run For Your Life, Train Station

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