Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide: KSG (Best Class Setup and Best Game Strategies)

The KSG Shotgun in Black Ops 2 is very different from every other shotgun we have seen in Call of Duty. It shoots a single pellet rather than 8 or so of them. That adds a random element to the weapon, but it is very satisfying to us when it does work. This guide explains all of this in a bit more detail and gives some strategy advice as well as the best class setup for the KSG.

There is a video at the end of this guide with a visual version of this guide.

If you don’t know what I mean with that the KSG shoots only one pallet, below are two images that show you what a shot on the wall looks like from the R870 MCS (click for a guide for that weapon) which is similar to the traditional shotgun model and what the KSG shoots:

Spread for the R870 MCS

Spread for the KSG

I did try using the KSG as a more long range rifle, but that didn’t go so well. The KSG has a much longer range than any other shotgun, but is only effective at medium range when you aim down its sights (which makes it shoot where the iron sights indicate unlike the other shotguns in Call of Duty Black Ops 2). Beyond that you are going to need 2 hits to kill if you can hit at all and the KSG is very slow at pumping out rounds that even a sub machine gun will beat you at long range.

So the best way to use the KSG is like any other shotgun except that there is a random element to the weapon unlike most other shotguns. However, the KSG redeems itself by often granting you one hit kills outside the possible range of most other shotguns which makes it very fun and satisfying to use.

When you use shotguns you have to be close to the enemies to be able to effectively take them out. So the main skill in using shotguns lies within being able to maneuver the maps in such a way that you are always in close quarters when you engage an enemy. This takes map knowledge and practice, so using the shotguns might not be the best idea in your first game of Black Ops 2. When you do attempt to shoot an enemy it pays to take a little extra time to make sure your aim is accurate.

The class setup I recommend is as follows:

Best Class Setup for the KSG Shotgun in Call of Duty Black Ops 2

With the KSG you are either sprinting to get to the middle of the fight or you are in the middle of the fight. Lightweight gets you there faster and Flack Jacket and Tactical Mask stop you from being killed by most equipment which means that you stay in the middle of the fight for longer. When you get shot Toughness will help your keep your aim right as it reduces flinch (even when you aren’t aiming down your sights).

Notice that I am using 2 wild cards, lethal and tactical grenades aren’t as useful as what you  gain by suing an extra perk and attachment for the KSG shotgun. A pistol secondary isn’t necessary as the KSG has plenty of rounds and a very slow fire rate so you shouldn’t run out of bullets in the middle of a gunfight.

Long Barrel increases your effective and normal range to make you slightly more deadly. Laser Sight increases your hip fire accuracy. You shouldn’t be aiming down your sights with shotguns (although sometimes with the KSG that can be useful) so Laser Sight assists you with every kill. Adjustable Stock actually increases the accuracy of the KSG, and anything that does is a worthwhile attachment for the KSG.

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7 Responses to Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide: KSG (Best Class Setup and Best Game Strategies)

  1. Anonymous says:

    YOU ARE A FUCKING LOSER!!!! GET A LIFE!!!! SUCK A DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HALO RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COD SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I use it with quickdraw, laser sight, and long barrel. For perks, I use lightweight, toughness or fast hands, dexterity and tactical mask (to avoid being affected by people’s tendency to throw tacticals like it was going out of fashion). I rarely miss in medium to long range but I miss every once in a while in close range.

  3. mojojojo2466 says:

    I’ve read quite a few of your weapons guides and I in general agree with your strategies but I very much disagree here. The KSG is quite the power house if you’re fast and smart. Whith quickdraw, longbarrel, and a red dot attached this shotgun becomes very accurate and deadly at surprising rang. With the KSG you ALWAYS want to ADS.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice setup! I would recommend the quickdraw instead of the laser sight/stock. Also, I like to use the assault shield and just keep in on my back. It have saved me numerous times from deaths from behind.

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