Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Guide: How to Win Kill Confirmed in Black Ops 2

Kill Confirmed is very similar to the way it was in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 where it was introduced by Infinity Ward. In that game it was a welcome replacement for my then ruined favorite mode: Domination. Kill Confirmed is best described as a combination of Team Deathmatch and Domination, although it requires different strategies from both. This guide explains how to do well in it and how to win Kill Confirmed.

If you don’t know what Kill Confirmed is, basically you will enemies, they drop dog tags, you pick up dog tags. The first team to pick up 75 enemy god tags wins. You can pick up your teammates dog tags to prevent the enemy team from picking it up. A kill in Kill Confirmed is worth 50 experience, picking up an enemy god tag is worth 100 experience, picking up your own dog tag is worth 50 experience, a teammate picking up a dig tag from an enemy you killed is worth 25 experience and picking up your teammates dog tags is worth 25 experience.

The best strategy to win is to be careful in areas where you suspect enemies might be. A strong indication of enemies is the absence of teammates, a skull (which shows the location of recently killed teammates) or red dots on the mini map. However, none of those are a definite indicator of the position of an enemy so don’t take it as such. When you are close to your teammates enemies still might be around so don’t be careless in those areas either.

Low score streaks are very powerful in Kill Confirmed. I used UAV, a Hunter Killer Drone and Counter UAV. UAV gives score bonus whenever an enemy is killed that was on the mini map as a result of your UAV and that score goes towards your next score streak. If the Hunter Killer drone kills an enemy nearby and you pick up that dogtag you get 125 score, which is enough to get you from the drone to counter UAV. At one stage in the game in the video below I get many score streak rewards rapidly for doing very little.

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  1. acitodg says:

    Great set of Black Ops 2 guides you have here. I haven’t had a chance to try the game yet, but I will later today. I am getting excited to play after reading all of these guides though.

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