Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Guide: How to Win Domination in Black Ops 2

Domination in Black Ops 2 is a bit different from the domination we are used to from previous Call of Duty titles. The flags are set up linearly on all maps and half way through the match the teams switch side. However, the good old Domination techniques still work in Black ops 2. This guide explains how to win Domination in Black ops 2.

There is a YouTube video at the end of this guide which contains a visual version of this guide.

In some previous games, the original Black Ops comes to mind, the Domination flags sometimes were set up in a triangle on the map. What I mean by that is if you looked at a map from above the three domination flags form a triangle. I haven’t seen a single map in Black Ops 2 where the domination flags were set up in a triangle. All of the maps are set up linearly. Mechanically this means that the flags A and C are the home flags for each team and B is the flag which is contended over in most games.

At the start of a match I tend to rush the B flag and ignore the home flag since teammates usually capture that flag. This means that I usually get to B faster than the enemy and often get to pick them off whilst I capture B. However, lately I have favored flanking B initially so that the enemies are already there trying to capture the flag. Then I kill all of them which causes them to respawn and lets me capture B in peace.

If you don’t get B at the start of a match try to take it away from the enemy a few times. If that isn’t successful go after their home flag. Usually the home flag of a team isn’t defended very well and capturing it will cause the people defending B to go back to take it again which will give you the chance to take B. This trick works most of the time, it doesn’t when the enemy team is well organized though. Then you have to fight your way to B and hope for the best.

Generally it is a bad idea to capture all 3 flags. That causes the enemies to spawn all over the map. As long as you haven’t overrun the enemy team’s home flag the usually spawn near it. If you capture that flag there is almost no way of telling where they will spawn, beyond away from you and your teammates. However, when the enemy team isn’t posing a challenge capturing their home flag is a good way to get them to loosen up a little bit and go for the objective, or alternatively it will cause the slow game to be over quicker.

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