Dishonored Guide: Send Daud a Message (Nonlethal) by stealing his Belt Pouch and Key in Daud’s Base in The Flooded District Mission

In this mission you can either assassinate Daud or you can send him a message by stealing his belt pouch and leaving him alive. I certainly prefer the latter option, and you have to do it that way to complete this mission non-lethally. This guide explains how I completed this mission non-lethally and without being detected.

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There is a video at the end of this guide with a visual version of this guide.

After this mission in the upcoming sewers are there is a safe, this guide explains how to find and open that safe. There is also a secret, here is a guide for it: Flooded District Sewers Area Secret: Helping Granny Rags versus Slackjaws

When you get into Daud’s base you first notice two assassins in conversation:

Wait until the end of their conversation. One of the assassins walks into the room you are in to the left of where I am standing in the screenshot above. Wait until he is past you and choke him out. The other assassin is annoying  He only moves to the left and right of the door and stands around for ages on either side. Go up to the door and stand behind him. Wait until he starts moving, then walk up behind him and choke him out.

The next assassin you see keeps standing where he is forever. Again he has a conversation with another assassin to start with, just wait it out. After it teleport behind him:

And choke him out. Be sure to hide his body as far back as possible because the other assassin notices that this one is gone and goes looking for him. Wait in the room you first get into and teleport behind the assassin as he walks towards you and choke him out.

There are no more enemies on this level. In the next level when you walk in through the window an assassin spawns in:

I decided to quickly teleport behind him and choke him out before he could go into the Daud’s room and inform him that I escaped. I’m not sure if it has any effects, but it means you have to deal with one less assassin later. There is another assassin in this area outside of Daud’s room. He walks around the place so be sure to take him out using teleport to get behind him.

The best way to enter Daud’s room is through a small window on the side:

When you are upstairs on the wall to the left there is a window. You will see a guard patrolling around on the platform. Use your teleport ability to get behind him and choke him out. You can keep going down stairs, but I didn’t find any noticeable loot and there is another enemy.

In Daud’s room there is another assassin:

To take him out edge forwards until you can just choke him out. As you do walk backwards. Also check on Daud to make sure he isn’t looking at the assassin before you start. Next you have to steal Daud’s belt pouch and his key. When he stands behind his desk:

Teleport behind him, steal his belt pouch and key and teleport back into the doorway. Follow the stairs one level down. On the opposite wall there is a window leading into Daud’s room:

Go inside and climb down the stairs. There is a painting you can loot on one of the levels, I think the first or second down from the one you start at, which is worth a lot so be sure to take it.

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