Dishonored Guide: Finding and Getting into Campbell’s Secret Room (Overseer Campbell Quest)

I found the secret room quite easily but I had trouble getting into it. In the end I made a mind map of where the room is and how it could possible be accessed. The clue that it is behind a statue of Benjamin Holger didn’t really help me because firstly I didn’t know who he was and now that I do the statues are all over the place. This guide shows you where the secret room is:

One of the ways you can enter the area is through the Kennels. If you know where that is the entrance to the secret room is opposite the exit of the Kennels. If you don’t know where that is check the video at the end of this post, it will show you how to get there from the main entrance.

All you have to do is push the eye of the statue:

This is the video that shows you how to get there from the main entrance:


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7 Responses to Dishonored Guide: Finding and Getting into Campbell’s Secret Room (Overseer Campbell Quest)

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  2. andsoenzo says:

    You can also get there by not poisoning both Campbell and the other guy. When Campbell finds out that you’ve tampered with his poison they’ll head down to his secret Chamber.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You can also figure it out by attacking him without killing him. He will run straight to his secret room.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How did you know you had to push the eye? You found a clue somewhere?

    • auluftwaffles says:

      No I just found it eventually. But I had a good idea of where to look as you can find a window to that room fairly easily, but can’t get through that window.

      • ThirdGnome says:

        There is actually a clue in the backyard, in the room where the guards sleep. One of them has received a warning from the High Overseer telling him to stop looking for the chamber, and stop fidling with the statue.

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