Dishonored Guide: Putting the Rat Viscera into the Distillery (Granny Rags Quest, Non-Lethal and Undetected)

This is the last part of the optional quest Granny Rags gives you. You have to put the rat viscera you took from Dr. Galvani into the Distillery. This is fairly straightforward and you can easily avoid most of the guards:

There is a visual version of this guide at the end of this guide in the form of a YouTube video.

Previous quest: Breaking into Dr. Galvani’s Flat and Taking the Rat Viscera Non-Lethal and Not Detected (Granny Rags)

When you enter the Distillery you are in an area with multiple guards in it. Just go up onto some pipes and follow the all the way to the entrance of the distillery:

When you enter the distillery you again find 4 enemies. You can avoid them by using the chain to drop down:

But be careful as there is a trip wire in your way. Just jump on the railing to avoid it. Now go to the other end of the room and use another chain to go up:

Jump onto the platform. You can ignore the guard standing on it. You now enter a storage area. The distiller is underneath the stairs. You can get into it through a tunnel to the right of the locked door:

After you have put the rat viscera into the distiller you can go back to Granny Rags to collect your reward.

Nest quest: Eliminating High Overseer Campbell Non-Lethally (High Overseer Campbell)


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  1. If u poison the bootleg potion maker then all the people (whos names are on a list next to the bootleg machine) will also get the poison and die. Idk hire this effects the chaos, but killing 5 families and a bunch of innocent people can’t be goods if your trying to get the noon lethal ending or whatever. To bad this site doesn’t bother to tell you things like that.

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