Borderlands 2 Guide: Tips for beating Constructors (Killing Constructors)

Constructors are annoying to face, and Badass Constructors are even worse. They spawn turrets, flying robots and enemies. In addition to that they have a laser that ruins your shields, missiles that kill you quickly and a nuke, which is almost an instant death. But it is possible to beat even a Badass constructor using the right techniques which are outlines in this guide:

Whenever you face Hyperion enemies (combat engineers, loaders and constructors), except the combat engineers, be sure to use acid weapons for massive damage. Amour is immune to fire weapons. When you face a constructor focus on killing the enemies around the constructor first, then focus on the constructor itself. Be sure to keep cover between you and the constructor as all but the nuke can’t hit you unless you are out of cover.

If you don’t have an acid weapon, explosive damage works well against armor too (against anything, really).

You can shoot the missiles out of the air that the constructors shoot at you, and I’m sure you can shoot the nuke too, but I haven’t tried that yet.

The critical hit area of a constructor is at the front of it. The display on its head is the critical hit area. Be sure to shoot that rather than the body as you will do much more damage.

I recommend you stay well back behind some cover you can easily get in and out of. Use anything but a shotgun to shoot the constructor unless you are close. A sniper rifle is the easiest, although a sub machine gun or assault rifle with acid and a high fire rate would be the best since the acid damage would occur much more frequently. Be sure to keep an eye on the mini map for any other enemies approaching your position and deal with them accordingly.

When you die against a constructor the constructor gets healed and you have to start all over again. So don’t take any chances when you are facing a constructor, slow and steady is the best approach. If you deaggro the constructor by walking away it doesn’t regenerate the armor.

So next time you face a constructor remember to use an acid or explosive weapon, stay well back behind cover you can easily get in and out of and don’t take any chances.

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