Borderlands 2 Guide: Subtleties and Different Techniques of Picking up Loot

This guide might seem trivial, but whenever I see someone play Borderlands 2 they usually aren’t utilizing all the features Borderlands 2 has to offer with picking up loot. There are also some subtleties about when and what loot is auto picked up and what you can pick from inside a car.

Firs of all, you pick up any money, ammunition and grenades automatically if it is not in a chest. That includes when you loot a pile on the ground and those mobile toilets you find everywhere. In all other circumstances, for instance if you find money in a chest, you have to press a button to pick up the loot.

Any weapons, shields and class and grenade mods you have to pick up manually. If you find something you like, say a gun, you can hold the pick up button and it will replace your current gun (be careful with that, some of my guns have disappeared using that technique and not because my inventory was full, in that case your current gun falls to the ground). That also works with shields and class and grenade mods. If you are looking at a gun, shields or class or grenade mod in the bottom right hand corner of your screen you see the stats of what you are currently using.

You automatically pick up money, ammunition and grenades as well as quest objects when you are in a car. Just get close enough to it. But you can’t open chests from inside a car. But you can shoot or drive over the piles and then auto pick up any money, ammunition and grenades.

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