Borderlands 2 Guide: Shooting the Ferovore (Bullymong) Projectiles in The Name Game Mission

The rest of The Name Game mission is pretty straight forward, shoot the bullymongs (or ferovore, the names change a lot) and loot their piles. But this part of the mission was a bit confusing to me since I had no idea what the projectiles were. What they are, in fact, are the rocks or whatever they throw at you. Shoot those and you complete the mission.

Here is a picture of a Ferovore throwing a projectile you have to shoot (this screenshot was taken after I had completed the mission, so the Ferovores are called Bullymongs again.):

Shoot the projectile the Ferovore is throwing.

Here I have shot one out of the air:

You have to shoot the Ferovore projectile out of the air.

You shouldn’t run out of bullymongs to kill, if you do deplete one area there are 3 others I think that you can go to. In fact I am pretty sure that you don’t even have to be in those areas, just shoot the projectiles of Ferovores.


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  1. Anonymous says :

    OMW THANK YOU! FFS I have been wondering how to do this part of the mission since FOREVER!

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