Borderlands 2 Guide: Siren is the Best Class for Solo Playing (Phaselocking)

If your friends aren’t into shooters or the matchmaking doesn’t work for you, you might have play Borderlands 2 by yourself. The game is designed for coop playing, but as a Siren you will easily get through the entire game without too many deaths. If you preordered the game and have a golden key you will have an even easier time.

For me Phaselock kills enemies of any rank very quickly. You can buff damage and fire rate of any weapon during Phaselock. I have a 70% increase in fire rate and 42% increased damage. That combines for a 2.38 multiplier on the damage I put out during phaselock. And that is for any enemy, not just the enemy in phaselock. And that is just one upgrade, there are many others that for instance pull in more enemies.

You would expect that phaselock doesn’t really work on the bosses. You’d be wrong, it works on every enemy type. Sometimes it might just do a lot of damage rather than holding an enemy in the bubble, but most times you hold the boss in a bubble which stops the boss from dealing damage and increases your damage.

When you use Phaselock you always want to shoot the critical hit areas. For humans its a bit harder because Phaselock curls them around so their head is harder to shoot, but with a lot of other enemies, such as loaders, the critical hit is much easier when they are in Phaselock. Be sure to level up the critical hit damage, I currently have a 25% bonus. I think critical hits do a bit more than double damage than normal hits, but I’m not sure what the numbers are to be honest.

So when I have an enemy in phaselock and critical hit you get a 100 buff to damage due to critical hit, 25% bonus damage to critical hits, a 70% increase to fire rate and a 43% increase to damage. That is in total a 6 times multiplier to the damage you can do. No other classes ability gets close to that amount of damage multipliers.

The other benefit is that the Siren isn’t built around any specific weapon type. I am currently using a shotgun, an assault rifle, a sniper rifle and a pistol. All of them work quite well with the class.

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