Borderlands 2 Guide: Getting to Goose’s Roost from Ellie’s Garage in The Dust (Ramping into Buzzard Camp)

A number of mission require you to get into the Gosse’s Roost. Here is a guide explaining how to get into it:

When you fast travel to The Dust you end up at Ellie’s Garage. If you didn’t fast travel there head to the computer icon on the map in The Dust. From Ellie’s Garage exit and drive to the right. You should see a big rock sticking out of the ground:

Head towards the big rock sticking out of the ground.

Drive up it towards the tip. When you are a third of the way up activate the nos. Keep going up and drive over the tip. You will fly into the Goose’s Roost:

Falling into the Goose’s Roost.

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