Borderlands 2 Guide: Getting to the Mailboxes in Time in the Arms Dealing Mission

The first time I did this mission I through I only had to press the action key once, but make sure you open the mailbox and pick up the arm. The time is fairly limited, I finished with 37 seconds to spare, but planning out the route and knowing how to get to each mailbox is important. here is a guide that explains the best routes and how to get to each mailbox:

Starting Mailbox at Overlook

You have to go to the mailbox near the start of the mission to start the timer. Be sure to pick up the first arm.

After the countdown starts take a second to look at the map:

This is the route I used. I think it is good because there isn’t any backtracking, but the numbers in reverse order would also work.

I took the route indicated by the numbers. You can also go the reverse way, so 4 first and 1 last. But any other combination probably involves a fair amount of backtracking.

First Mailbox at the Lake Shining Horizons

To get to this one follow the tunnel. After the tunnel, head straight towards the objective to the right. The first mailbox is on an elevated platform:

Go over the planks and up the ladder to reach the mailbox.

Enemies do spawn but I just ignored them and ran. If you want to make it easier, drive here first and kill everything. When you get here again no enemies should spawn.

Second Mailbox at the Mercury Induction Station

There is a strong temptation to drive straight towards the second mailbox. But if you do you will probably drive of a cliff and may get stuck. That will waste a lot of time. Instead head back towards the second bridge and go right on the path:

Take the path that the crosshair are pointing at.

At the intersection across the river go right until you see a station:

The second mailbox is in front of the hangar.

Some loaders spawn, but they didn’t do very much damage so I ignored them.

Third Mailbox at the Isotope Reclamation Tower

After you have picked up the arm head back the way you came and turn right at the top of the hill. To the right you should see a tower:

Head towards the tower to the third mailbox.

The temptation is there to try and jump up the cliff to get to the mailbox. That will probably take too long. Instead keep following the path until you can turn right at another path. The third mailbox is on the front porch of the tower. A lot of enemies spawn here, so if you are having trouble head here first and kill all of them so they don’t spawn again.

Fourth Mailbox at the Frothing Creek Mill

The temptation is there to head towards the next mailbox in a straight line. That doesn’t lead anywhere. Instead go back down and turn right at the bottom of the small hill:

Turn down the path the crosshairs are pointing at.

Go towards the bridge. Turn right the next time you can and drive towards the river. The car won’t be useful over the river so I jumped out and left it at the river. Head towards the mailbox. Walk past the small building and drop down:

Head past the small building and drop down.

A bunch of enemies spawn, I ignored them and ran towards the rocks:

Ignore the enemies and run up the rocks.

To get out again jump on the boxes and on the roof of the building:

Jump on the boxes and onto the roof of the building.

You have collected all the arms from the mailboxes now, head back towards the objective, should be fairly easy to find. Head back towards the tunnel and towards Overlook. The P.O. box is where you picked up the mission:

Press the action key to put the arms in the P.O. box to end the mission.

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