Borderlands 2 Guide: Badass Rank and Badass Tokens Explained

For ages I saw the badass ranks acquired messages pop up and had no idea what it meant. It turns out you can use those ranks to increase gun damage, shield capacity and many more. This guide explains how Badass Ranks and Toekens work and how to spend Badass Tokens.

How to Get Badass Ranks and Tokens

As you do challenges, like kill so many enemies with this type of weapon, you gain Badass Ranks. You can go to your inventory and look at the different challenges. It is the menu all the way to the right:

The different challenges to acquire Badass Rank.

If you hover over each you get an explanation about how to complete each. They are all pretty straight forward.

As you complete the challenges you gain Badass Rank. With enough Badass Rank you level up. Then you get Badass Toekens to spend on upgrades.

How to Spend Badass Tokens

When you level up you get a little message pop up above your action skill saying “update”. If you go to the same menu as before and select “Redeem Token” you can spend the Badass tokens on different upgrades:

Select any of the 5 or 6 upgrades.

As far as I can tell what you get to select is random, although I feel that as I select more of the same upgrade it starts appearing less frequently.

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