Borderlands 2 Guide: Health versus Shields

In Borderlands 2 the high capacity shields have a trade off: You have to give up some health to get them. But shields regenerate much faster that health and it gives you the option to focus on other upgrades rather than health and shield upgrades.

Health versus Shields

You can get health regeneration, but it is always much slower and much more costly that shield regeneration. So far my shield regeneration is about 20 times faster than the best health regeneration mod I found.

The only advantage of health regeneration is that the delay is much lower than the shield delay, although the shield delay for my siren class at the moment is only around 1-2 seconds.

So in the end shield is much better than health. I would say one shield is worth around 3-4 health points because if you have too low health as soon as your shields are down you are going to die. Health is only really there to give you the chance to find some cover and let your shield regenerate.

So if you find a better shield than you currently have and the difference in the new shield compared with the old is around 1/4 of the health you have to give up that shield is worth it. To make it clearer here is an example:

New shield:
Strength: 200
Health: -40

Old Shield:
Strength: 180
Health: -0

So the new shield offers 20 more points at the cost of 40 health. The shield you gain is 20 and the health equivalent of that is 80 health, which is more than the 40 health you have to give up. So this shield is worth it.

If a shield has a crazy recharge time, say over 4 seconds, it probably isn’t worth it, but anything under 4 is good.

High Capacity Shields let you Focus on Different Upgrades

If you use these shields that eat up some of your health it means that health upgrades aren’t really worth it. That includes health buffs and healing abilities. That is good, now you can focus on shield buffs and other upgrades like gun damage.

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