Borderlands 2 Guide: How to Get Experience and Level Up Fast (Farming)

I have never liked farming since you do a boring and repetitive task over and over. But if you can’t beat a boss it might be worth farming to make the encounter a bit easier. If you push ahead rather than farm an area you get much more experience and you don’t get bored with the game as quickly. Doing side quests is also a great way to get some extra money and experience.


Farming is when you repeat an area over and over to get loot and gain experience. You do that by leaving an area and returning to it again. Fast travelling usually does the trick. Some bosses won’t spawn again but the basic level enemies respawn fairly commonly. If they aren’t you have to go further away from that area after killing them.

The reason farming isn’t very good is because enemies don’t level with you dynamically, neither does the loot. A level 5 area will have level 5 enemies in it, regardless of your level. The loot chests are refilled when you leave an area and come back, but the loot will be of the same level as the last time you opened that chest.

Better Alternative to Farming

If you keep going with the quest line you get more and more experience for doing quests. The amount of experience you get is exponential, so going ahead rather than killing enemies over and over might be better. The other benefit is that you don’t have to do the same thing over and over.

Do Side Quests

There are many side quests in Borderlands 2 which reward you with money and experience. Explore the areas well and you should easily find the side quests. Most side quests have an explanation mark on the map if you travel to the specific area they are in, and some come up as “undiscovered” in your inventory.

I have done all the side quests and in all of the story mission I out leveled the areas but 2 or 3 levels which makes them very easy.

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9 Responses to Borderlands 2 Guide: How to Get Experience and Level Up Fast (Farming)

  1. Anonymous says:

    good post, me too thinks side quest are better than boring grinding, rush = no fun

  2. Anonymous says:

    worst idea ever -_- warrior farming for my level 37 i kill in 2-3 mins and get 6k exp quests 5mins of traveling for 3k or 2k exp ? i dont understand how sidequests are better ways of gaining exp just stick with the boring side if you ask me and ignore this post + farming you get 100k – 200k sellable legendarys rare but good as a side to farming >_>

  3. Anonymous says:

    what a shit post

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