Borderlands 2 Guide: Gunzerker (Salvador) Class Guide (Tank of Borderlands 2)

As I said in the post where I talked about all the classes the Gunzerker class is the vanguard of Borderlands 2. You can also think of it as the tank of Borderlands 2. The Gunzerker has a lot of health and shields and is proficient with different types of weapons.

Salvador is the generic Gunzerker Class name in Borderlands 2, but you can customize the name and some aspects of the appearance of your character. You have to do that before you start the game and I think your choices are permanent.

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What Weapons and Equipment Are Best to Use

The Gunzerker class has many upgrades to weapons, even letting you use two weapons at the same time. When you do use two weapons at the same time make sure they are of the same type as there is a specific upgrade that boosts your damage and accuracy if your guns are the same type. There is a specific upgrade for pistols, although the Gunzerker is good at using most weapons.

Rampage (Gunzerking Ability)

The Gunzerking ability lets you unload massive amounts of firepower for its duration. It isn’t catered to specific weapons so any weapon will work. Gunzerking has many buffs increasing weapon damage and other skill tress give you upgrades specifically for the Gunzerking mode. Gunzerking also increases you survivability.

Health and Shield Upgrades

The Gunzerker Class has many health and shield upgrades. Some of them are specifically aimed at the Gunzerking ability so focus on those if you tend to use the Gunzerking skill a lot. Other than that, the Gunzerker receives many upgrades to its survivability, even increasing reload speed.

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