Borderlands 2 Guide: Commando Class (Axton) Guide

As I said in the post where I talked about all the classes the Commando Class is the well known soldier class of Borderlands 2. Soldiers are proficient in most of the different combat style like guns and melee but have some special abilities like being able to place a turret.

Axton is the generic Commando Class name in Borderlands 2, but you can customize the name and some aspects of the appearance of your character. You have to do that before you start the game and I think your choices are permanent.

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For every class you can’t get every possible upgrade. Once I have had a bit more experience with the different classes I will write a guide explaining which are the best and which are useless.

What Weapons and Equipment Are Best to Use

The Commando Class is good at using any weapons. But there are some skills that are aimed specifically at assault rifles. You also have skills that boost your rocket launcher damage and many skills that make grenades better. So your arsenal should include an assault rifle, a rocket launcher and plenty of grenades.

Health and Shield

There are many upgrades for your health and shield. Especially on the harder difficulties survivability is very important. Focus on these skills early to give you the edge in combat.

Sabre Turret

The Commander Class can deploy a turret. I haven’t played around with it too much yet so I’m not sure how useful it is, but I do know that certain upgrades that give you boosts when the turret is deployed.

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