Borderlands 2 Guide: Breaking Down the Different Classes and Characters

Borderlands 2 has a number of different characters and classes. The characters are called Axton (of the Commander class), Salvador (of the Gunzerker class), Zero (of the Assassin class) and Maya (of the Siren class). Axton is of the traditional soldier type class focusing on a variety of different combat styles like guns, melee combat and turret deployment. Salvador is a type of vanguard character focusing on firepower and survivability. Zero is a stealthy, sniper character focusing on single target elimination but at the cost of reduced health. Maya is a skill based character focusing on ability rather than firepower.

Axton of the Commander Class

Axton is the soldier of Borderlands 2. He is effective with a variety of different weapons, he has a good amount of health and a number of advanced combat options like a turret. Traditionally Axton serves a main attack role dealing out damage to all targets but not in the front of the attack.

I am not a big fan of Axton, I would rather specialize in a specific type of gameplay.

Axton provides a balanced perk tree offering turret, gun and survival upgrades.

Salvador of the Gunzerker Class

Salvador is the tank of Borderlands 2. He deals out a lot of damage and can take a lot of hits. Salvador is usually found in the front of the attack dealing out damage in all directions.

Salvador is probably my second favorite of the characters of Borderlands 2.

Salvador focuses on gun gameplay by offering improvements to guns, health and a rage mode which allows you to temporarily deal out massive damage.

Zero of the Assassin Class

As the class suggests Zero focuses on single target elimination. That can be done through guns or melee, both being an option of specialization. For balance Zero has much less health than the other characters, so you have to be careful not to be exposed too much.

I am not a fan of a stay back and snipe/stealth class so I will probably not play as Zero as much.

Zero can specialize in a variety of different ways. This includes sniping, general guns and melee. Not much is offered in terms of specific health and shield upgrades.

Maya of the Siren Class

Maya is the skillful character of Borderlands 2. The Siren class is a bit like the engineer of other games. She offers gun combat but includes different abilities to cause damage in exotic ways.

Personally I like Maya class the best so far, but I will try out the different characters extensively.

Maya has the option to better her skills rather than straight up gun damage and health and shields buffs.

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